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Cord problems at 32 weeks

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LoopiusMaximus Tue 08-Dec-15 21:04:01

I'm 32 weeks pregnant with ds2 and have extra scans every 4 weeks due to a (very) mild heart murmur which can affect baby's growth. At the latest scan baby hadnt grown as much as they expected but is still well within the 'tolerance lines' of growth chart, he is measuring on 10th centile, his abdomen is measuring slightly smaller for the gestation and we have just been advised that the cord isn't pumping enough blood (placental insufficiency) and that it is working too hard. My consultant advised that baby's slow growth is due to the cord issues (not the heart murmur) and that I now need to have weekly scans to check the cord. Does anyone have any experience of this and if so, did you go on to have a 'normal birth'?

Ps hope I've posted in the right place! confused

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