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pelvic hip pain...

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ghostspirit Tue 08-Dec-15 20:15:44

hi all. ok im only 16 weeks. but im getting alot of pelvic/hip pain. hard to explain it feels like pain in my hip but not the outside of the bone frame its inside near the pelvic area. pelvic hurts to... as i said im only 16 weeks... could the pain be because im carrying my 8 month only in a baby carrier? i carry him for 40 mins on the morning school run. and then 40 again for pick up.

ghostspirit Wed 09-Dec-15 09:59:47

no ideas?

Iammad Wed 09-Dec-15 11:34:16

It might not be helping, I would stop carrying him for a few days and see if that helps.
Problem is when you are pregnant your joints esp pelvis gets more laxed and flexible to get ready for birth.
Which in turn can make things that you normally do start to be painful.

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