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Discharge after sweep

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FeelingDumb Tue 08-Dec-15 10:21:58


I'm 38+5 and am attempting a VBA2C. I have a section booked for 41 weeks (Xmas eve) and am desperately trying to avoid this. I'm under the care of the consultant midwife who has been absolutely fab and supportive and is throwing all sorts of "natural" interventions at me (acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology) in order to help me go into spontaneous labour before 41 weeks.

Yesterday I agreed to a sweep. The night before I had been experiencing cramps and had a very small show (clear, stringy mucus on tissue) so felt it wouldn't hurt as things appeared to be moving in the right direction (I have never experienced labour, cramps, bh, or anything like before). So had the sweep, wasn't too bad at all, not painful just mildly uncomfortable. Baby's head is at -3 and cervix is posterior and 1.5cm whatever all that means. Anyway, last night I found i was discharging thick white lumps hmm. At first I thought it might be more of my plug but I'm not so sure it is due to the colour and consistency. Also thought maybe it could be the residue of the lubricant she used, but never had this after smears before. A quick consultation with Dr Google didn't really resolve anything. Just found lots of women asking the same question! Has anyone had this and had a definitive answer for what it is? I'm not worried, just curious.

Apologies for waffling!

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