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Am I pregnant?

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Chloels92 Mon 07-Dec-15 23:05:25

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me.
I'm on the contraceptive pill, but I took it for 9 weeks continuously without a 7 day break in between, so I haven't had a period in some time.
For the past 4 weeks, every time me and my boyfriend have had sex my stomachs hurts afterwards. At first I was diagnosed with a UTI and presumed it had cleared up. I have been having sever stomach cramps in the lower abdomen, I had one tiny dot of blood in my underwear when I went to the toilet, my breasts are tender to touch, I'm constipated and my appetite has changed dramatically. I can't finish a meal anymore because my stomach starts to cramp and I have massively gone off alcohol to the point it makes me sick after a couple of drinks. I also have bleeding gums and get tired very easily.
During sex, I start to feel nauseous almost like a motion sickness, is this something that happens when pregnant? I've also noticed I want sex with my boyfriend a lot more even though I feel so ill during and after, the only way I can get to sleep after sex is if he rubs my stomach. Another thing I have heard is a symptom is that Im struggling to sleep through the night, waking up 3 or 4 times.

Obviously because I haven't had a period in so long anyway due to the pill, I can't tell whether I am late or not.

I hope someone can give me some advice on whether these are pregnancy symptoms, if they are then that is when I will talk to my boyfriend and take a test.

Oysterbabe Mon 07-Dec-15 23:16:06

You do get some of those symptoms when pregnant but not all of them and a lot of them not until much later.
No one will be able to tell you if you are pregnant. Take a test.

Junosmum Tue 08-Dec-15 06:29:59

Take a test.

Bleeding between packs of pills isn't actually a proper period and is pretty useless for pregnancy diagnostic terms.

Brummiegirl15 Tue 08-Dec-15 06:43:10

The only way you can tell is to take a test

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 08-Dec-15 06:52:35

Some are symptoms of pregnancy, some aren't. Some are symptoms of other things. The only way you'll possibly know is if you take a pregnancy test. If you're far enough on to be having symptoms you're (usually) far enough on for it to be detectable by a pregnancy test.

PotteringAlong Tue 08-Dec-15 07:37:42

You can be pregnant and have no symptoms at all. Unless you take a test you will never know.

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