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Movement at 36 weeks

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fairyfeatures Mon 07-Dec-15 15:16:09

In everything that I have read, movement should be slowing down now as there is less room for baby to wriggle around in, however... This baby does NOT stop and it's getting more aggressive by the day to the point where I am concerned... sometimes its moving so quickly, aggressively and awkwardly that I feel like it is distressed?!The baby only doesn't move when I am moving for long periods of time - which isn't often at this size and I have a desk job.

Had midwife appointment last week, heart rate fine, measuring a week ahead, baby head down but not engaged and possibly back to back. Next appointment next week.

DH even watches baby moving across my belly when I am sleeping and says I grimace and make uncomfortable noises in my sleep.... it also often wakes me up.

Is this normal? Should I mention to my ever so ditzy doesn't listen to anything I say midwife? Or am I completely over reacting?

lemon101 Mon 07-Dec-15 15:23:57

Totally normal! It can be very uncomfortable when they are that big and squirming! Mine seems to do less of that now engaged but can still get some good jabs in with knees etc - just thankfully not those big rolling movements!

PhilPhilConnors Mon 07-Dec-15 15:29:13

Could be normal, but any changes should be checked.
You are concerned, the baby's movements have changed, so I would ring the labour ward and tell them you are worried. They should monitor the baby for a while which will hopefully reassure you.

Movement shouldn't be slowing down, that's something that's often said, but it's not true. The type of movement can change as the baby has less room, but the frequency of movements should be the same. If it's more or less it needs to be checked.

Iammad Mon 07-Dec-15 16:12:26

You should not feel baby move less at all that's a myth.
But the movements might feel different as baby is bigger and as you have realised it can be painful.

bittapitta Mon 07-Dec-15 16:15:41

In everything that I have read, movement should be slowing down now as there is less room for baby to wriggle around in,
- where did you read this? It's categorically not true and potentially dangerous to believe this. Check the count the kicks campaign and NHS website for info. Always ask midwife for advice (eg they can ask you to come in for an hour's monitoring to check baby is okay if you are worried)

bittapitta Mon 07-Dec-15 16:17:20

Everything you describe sounds normal by the way! The wriggling can be pretty uncomfortable for you but then the baby is getting big grin

Whoknewitcouldbeso Mon 07-Dec-15 16:21:44

I hate these threads as people always write stuff that panics expectant Mothers and in this case it doesn't even found relevant to what the OP actually said.

She has stated that movements have not lessened, they have stayed strong and are actually quite painful. Why are people suggesting she get monitored at the labour ward?!

OP the literature says that the pattern of movements should stay consistent but the intensity might change as there is less room. Obviously in your case the baby is still making strong movements and whilst it's not great for you, it sounds as though the baby is pretty happy.

If you are ever concerned then obviously speak to the labour ward or have a chat with the midwife, but if it's just uncomfortable but you are happy the movements are nice and regular then console yourself that you're nearly there wink

JennyC520 Tue 08-Dec-15 15:51:50

I'm also 36 weeks, I feel like baby moves a lot more now. Well, not a lot more, rather more defined movements where I can sometimes feel an elbow or w.e poking out! I'm not worried though. But you're the one who knows your babies routine, if you're worried, call the midwife.

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