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Anyone got any tips on how to cope with sickness/extreme fatigue with a 5 mo old?

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Elfishpresley Mon 07-Dec-15 14:41:57

As the thread title says, any advice is welcome!

I'm 7 weeks pg with (surprise DC2) and have a 5 month old DS and really struggling with 24/7 nausea. Some days I can't even get dressed I feel so poorly but keep trying to force myself as its not good for DS to be stuck indoors all the time.

I don't remember feeling this crappy in my first pregnancy at all.

Chattycat78 Mon 07-Dec-15 16:09:30

Hearing you. I'm 9.5 weeks pregnant (with twins!) and I also have an almost 11 month old ds who is full on. I'm throwing up at least 4 times a day and really struggling too. Things I've found help are sugary drinks and sugary sweets when I'm starting to feel sick. Think it takes the edge off. Also I'm wearing acupressure bands. Not sure if that's helping but I'm doing it anyway! I've also been napping when ds has his naps rather than trying to do housework. It is hard though! Much harder than last time!

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