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I think I'm in labour.. would love to hear your story's!

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fawkes182 Mon 07-Dec-15 01:45:45

I went to the midwife on Fri n had a sweep done, I have been having the severe period like cramps since Thursday and she said it sounded like I was getting ready and a sweep would push things along... she did it and then said sorry your cervix is closed he won't be here at the weekend (I was due Sunday the 6th)... she then booked me in Tuesday for another sweep and said he may be here by then anyway so you may not need it! So in other words she had no idea lol!!! Anyway rhe period like cramps continued over the weekend.. very painful but irregular and I could still function etc.

Today (or yesterday now as it's 1.30am) I was at my parents and we put a film on in the afternoon and I got a horrible tight deep muscle pain across my bump then also seemed to affect my back and it started slow then built up to painful then slowed back down to nothing again.. then I had 2 more during the film. So I told my mum n she said might be fake ones?but these felt different to the others like I couldn't talk during one just breath n even that was painful. Then I continued to have them about 50 mins apart we think maybe less.. I had 6 in total and suddenly 10 mins after my 6th oney back completely seized up!! Like contraction pain but it wouldnt go away for 15 mins straight.. I could hardly breath, couldn't talk.. it was utter utter agony! It was like I was paralysed! It eased off n I rang the hospital delivery ward. Spoke to a lovely lady who said she believed it was the start of labor but too far apart to warrant me coming in. We went home and I got into the bath.. then they stopped? I've had 2 friends say to me theirs did the same stopped for several hours then suddenly started again and that's when they needed to go to hospital. I've noticed as well now when I stand up and walk I'm hunched over like my bump is being pulled down to the grown and my legs feel wierd like there half numb.. I'm guessing he's moved down?

Is this the star of labour or fake labour? I hope it's the start cos I can't walk around like this it's painful and I need to do the school run etc I can barely move! I haven't had a show either. Any labour story's or tips would be lovely Xxx

fawkes182 Mon 07-Dec-15 01:47:31

P.s this is my second child.. my first I was induced and I stayed in hospital so I've never done it this way before lol I was kinda told what was happening last time x

lemon101 Mon 07-Dec-15 06:25:01

Any progress Fawkes? Can't help answer your question but was also due yesterday and am very jealous right now!

fawkes182 Mon 07-Dec-15 08:30:04

Just woke up to do the school run and still no signs of anymore pains... maybe it was a false start??? So bloody confusing!!! I know it's super selfish but I really don't want to go 10 days over like I did with my first but I got a feeling I will. But I never had any BH or anything with ds1 and what I felt yesterday I'm sure was contractions but they haven't come back??

Have you felt any movements or pains yet?? Xxxxx

justanothermummy2b Mon 07-Dec-15 08:53:56

Fawkes - I could have written your post! I'm about due with my second and have been having the same sort of pains on and off for a week now. Everyone's experience of going into labour is different but it sounds like things are getting started?
With my first I had about a week to 10 days of 'fake' labour pains where it really felt like things were getting started only to slow down or stop until one morning my waters went and things got going properly.
I'm expecting the same sort of thing to happen this time around as well. On Friday night I really felt like I was finally going into labour only for things to slow and then stop! It definitely feels like this baby has finally wiggled into the right position so I'm keeping my fingers crossed something happens this week!
Hope it isn't too much longer for you...

lemon101 Mon 07-Dec-15 09:12:18

Oh sorry to hear that Fawkes! I have been getting back pain, period type cramps and really strong bh contractions for about 4 days and have thought so many times that 'this is it' only to wake up and its all over. Nothing as strong as what you describe though - that did sound like the real deal. This fake labour is a cruel thing!

sherbertlemon17 Mon 07-Dec-15 10:21:39

I'm so glad I've seen this!

I've been up all night having what I thought were mild contractions. Started out as just tightenings (assumed they were Braxton Hicks), but they were coming between 2.5-5 minutes. Slowly getting more intense in my back and hips. Managed to get to sleep at 4:30 and woke up this morning to nothing! hmm How do contractions just stop??!!

Hope this is a sign for everyone that things are imminent!

fawkes182 Mon 07-Dec-15 16:36:02

Oh bless you all no offence but glad I'm not the only one lol!! It's cruel isn't it??? They should start and that's it not stop start stop start!

I too sadly have had no more today but walking is horrible.. causes mild pain.. well I say mild pain mild compared to yesterday!! But I've slept all day I've been so tired. I rang the midwife and she said it was definitely the start and it sounds like something labour but I didn't quite hear what she said lol which she says means it could stop for a couple hours or a couple days there's no telling but it will basically make me super tired. So I've been told to relax/rest drink lots and eat lots of carbohydrates... also I have to monitor his movements cos he's not as figgity as he was but if he goes under the 10 movements per 2 hours I have to go in.. my first son stopped moving during labour. But yeah basically she said ypu gotta chill and wait... I love how they say relax!! Yeah that's super easy when you have a house to run and other kids and a dog to look after. Did the school run and nearly had to do the splits to pick up the dogs poo lololol xxxx

Oysterbabe Mon 07-Dec-15 19:46:09

Have you got a birth ball? Maybe hopping on that and doing some hip circles, try and get baby nice and nestled down in your cervix.

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