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Crying over arguement

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applesvpears Sat 05-Dec-15 22:58:43

So tonight was a disaster. Works do and OH and I have had a big arguement and now I am upstairs crying in bed whilst he is downstairs drinking. It started with me trying to get out the car, struggling because the wind was so strong I couldn't get it open oh and the fact I am the size of an elephant squeezed into a size ten dress. My OH was texting on his phone and all I said was 'babe you could have given me a hand' he took offence and got a bit off with me. All was okay once we were in party then he was texting again and I just ignored it as we were having a nice time anyway. I was off speaking to some colleagues whilst he was in the toilet and when I returned his phone was beeping again, I just said 'you are not going to be texting all night are you babe?' He got shirty saying I don't tell him what to do and that I am only annoyed because it's his daughter (he has in his head I have issues with his kids, which is riduculous) I said no it wasn't and can't he just not txt her as we were suppose to be having an evening out together he told me I better stop what I am saying and not tell him what to do. Anyway more arguing on the way home. He's drunk, I am pregnant, fat, spotty and sobor not a good combination. I told him I am sick of him making out everything is to do with his kids and bringing them into it all the time. I can't stop crying and feel really alone. Sorry if I seem like I am over reacting. Just wanted to put it down to serif it helps.

sepa Sat 05-Dec-15 23:25:55

Not an over reaction. Hormones will play a part of it, so will the sober v drunkness. Also he shouldn't be texting all night when your out. Hopefully you will sort it out in the morning.
My OH can be a right tosser when he is drunk!

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