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baby bean bag

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PurplePoppy17 Fri 04-Dec-15 09:54:57

Has anyone ever tried or thinking of trying one of this bean bags from bean bag planet for their newborn babies. I have attached a photo from there website Incase anyone hasn't seen one before. I've only heard good reviews about then.

eckythumpenallthat Fri 04-Dec-15 09:55:53

I used a similar product from mothercare. dd Refused point blank to be happy in it. She preferred to be held or in a sling

Seeline Fri 04-Dec-15 10:00:48

I was warned against bean bags for newborns by my HV as they can sink into them and as they can't turn their heads, can suffocate if the beans push up against their faces. If it specially for newborns, they may not be as squidgy as ordinary ones, but I would be very careful.

eckythumpenallthat Fri 04-Dec-15 10:08:46

Mine was rock hard and had no give. Hindsite maybe that's why dd didn't like it! Lol

MaryEllen1 Fri 04-Dec-15 17:31:16

I've recently ordered that very beanbag! It says you can use from birth but will wait and see how soft it is when it gets here

TiggeryBear Fri 04-Dec-15 18:30:48

My nephew (12weeks) has one, he loves it. He hated being in the Moses basket during the day but loves the beanbag as he can watch everything & everyone.

Noodledoodledoo Fri 04-Dec-15 22:24:14

I have one I bought for my 1 year old, its fab, you can adjust the squishyness of it as you fill it with the beans provided to the consistency you want.

I would say I would probably not leave a little one unsupervised but I also didn't leave them for more than a quick toliet break in the bouncy chair for long.

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