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Who knew you could outgrow maternity clothes!

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ALR123 Thu 03-Dec-15 21:30:13

Bought everything in size 10 maternity early on (was size 8 pre pregnancy) and nothing bloody fits me! I'm now 34 weeks and have gradually been growing out of my clothes 1 by 1. I have had to go and buy some size 12 maternity trousers but am so close to the end I don't want to waste money on other stuff
how naive I was to think it'd fit me till the end confused

sepa Thu 03-Dec-15 21:34:42

Don't say this. I bought everything size 12 as the 14 seemed massive. I will just borrow from my sister if I outgrow I think. I'm sure she has clothes left from her fat days! Lol

originalusernamefail Thu 03-Dec-15 21:38:36

I've decided to just stay in pjs till DC2 is here! grin

Picnic2223 Thu 03-Dec-15 21:45:19

37+5 here and only in leggings. The nice size 10 and 12 skinny mat jeans are a thing of the past lol

SpendSpendSpend Thu 03-Dec-15 21:49:12

This happened to me

Was a size 14 when first found out i was pregnant. Bought all 14 maternity clothes which seemed to have plenty of room in them.

By 35 weeks i was wearing size 18 maternity.

I did gain 6 stone in pregnancy though

Shallishanti Thu 03-Dec-15 21:51:58

think yourselves lucky you're not having twins!

FattyNinjaOwl Thu 03-Dec-15 21:58:47

I did that. I put in a shed load of weight though. Around 5 stone, and gave birth to a 10lb 10oz beast. I ended up living in size 18 pajamas. I was a 12 when I got pregnant.

mudandmayhem01 Thu 03-Dec-15 22:05:55

Once I stopped going work I just just wore leggings under my bump and nicked t shirts and hoodies off my dh. Its only a few weeks not worth buying new stuff at the point.

Runningupthathill82 Thu 03-Dec-15 22:42:24

Yep, me too. Out of almost all my size 10 mat clothes now, at 33 weeks. Into size 12 stretchy things. Argh!
If only I was going on mat leave anytime soon and could just wear yoga trousers all day - but alas I have another 6 weeks of looking smart.

ouryve Thu 03-Dec-15 22:46:32

At that stage in my first pregnancy, I ended up in tears because nothing fitted me and "size of a cow" came on the radio just as I was chucking half my wardrobe onto the bed in disgust!

Redcrayons Thu 03-Dec-15 22:48:37

I did but I've got twins.
Luckily I was pg in summer so could wear a summer dress that was more or less a duvet cover with armholes. Hated it so much at the end I didn't even bring it home from hospital.

KatyN Thu 03-Dec-15 22:58:22

I can't keeps over the bump clothes up anymore.. The bump cover stops about half way up my bump. Fortunately I'm 37 weeks and well stocked with leggings.

SnozzberryMincePie Thu 03-Dec-15 23:07:24

I was a 10-12 before pregnancy, by 38 weeks when I gave birth size 14 maternity clothes were getting a bit tight. Sorry!

Pollyputhtekettleon Fri 04-Dec-15 00:21:45

My bump is busting out of all the pregnancy tops and vests! Im 40wks though so no point in going up a size.

cranberryx Fri 04-Dec-15 01:03:58

My DS arrived on Monday so I felt your pain!

I found mothercare nursing vests were really good and as you can wear them under your clothes and in hospital you get more wear. You can then wear an open blouse over it. I also found that I was a size 14 in their clothes all the way though - but in newlook and mamalicious I needed to go bigger as I had outgrown!

Twoseventhsaweasley Fri 04-Dec-15 09:44:03

My lovely Mum popped to the supermarket when I was about 35 weeks with DC2 and bought me some XXXL mens t shirts because none of my maternity clothes fitted anymore. I quite short and my babies tend too arrive economy sized.

It is only a few weeks and it is all worth it.

Everythinggettingbigger Fri 04-Dec-15 09:53:35

size 8/10 pre pregnancy. bought my first pair of size 10 maternity jeans after finally giving up that a bobble would no longer suffice to give a bit more room in my normal jeans (bare in mind I was 12 weeks when I bought 15+3) and they are so tight already no way are they going to fit in a few weeks time

Tftpoo Fri 04-Dec-15 13:59:12

I had twins and grew out of all my maternity clothes really early. I only had two work outfits which had to be worn and washed almost daily and by the end I just wore DH's polo shirts and hoodies with leggings. So glamorous! Pregnant again now with one but I'm so much bigger than I was with the twins that I'm worried I'm going to grow out of everything again!

Icklepickle101 Fri 04-Dec-15 14:04:26


I ended up going to primark and buying some stretchy baggy size 18 trousers and black leggings and mens XXL t shirts. I used to be an 8 and am 32 weeks sad

I'm working from home until maternity leave so don't have to look smart thank god, I have no idea what I'd wear!!

Artandco Fri 04-Dec-15 14:14:17

I just wore stuff open to save buying stuff. My bump Was small though. I bought x5 maternity dresses as needed decent workwear from 30+ weeks. However on top I just wore jackets/ cardigans/ etc open with a scarf to save buying more stuff

Could you do similar? Wear a regular cardigan/ jacket etc open and add a huge scarf over middle part now it's freezing. Then you could just get a basic few vest tops and bottoms or do you have any dresses at home that would work? I had a summer maxi dress that was all baggy and floaty beforehand so could wear just a bit tighter and layer up with leggings under and cardigan. Same with shirts. Wear now open, and wear closed after, handy for breastfeeding also

ALR123 Fri 04-Dec-15 17:27:43

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I work for a large corporate company and the dress code is very smart, I've struggled a lot since about week 25 and managed to have 5 outfits to wear. I'm now down to 3 but as I leave in 2 weeks I just don't want to buy new smart clothes sad
I know for next time! As of 2 weeks I'll be living in my maternity onesie (it is as hideous as it sounds but the best buy ever. I look like a teletubby in it)

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