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Repeated wee sample...

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Frankie72 Thu 03-Dec-15 20:45:57

Long story so bear with me... Currently 22 weeks

I went to the Epu at 19 weeks because I had pains and just wanted to get checked. They did a wee sample and scan said all was OK and sent me on my way.

Had 20 week scan and midwife appt (including another wee) again all
Good sent on way.

Monday this week had a letter from Epu saying wee needed repeating if I was feeling inwell. I wasn't and thought I had already had it repeating anyway so will be fine.

Tonight another letter from doctors saying I need to get my wee tested and to make an appt to discuss results.

Panicked a bit but then thought I would phone Epu to see what's happening.. They were rubbish!! Would t tell me why they needed to repeat it and generally just annoying.

Now I'm a bit stressed and dont know if I should be worried. Also annoyed because I will have to organise getting a wee sample in to docs and get an appt.. My doctors is the most frustrating place I know!

Any advice welcome! X

sepa Thu 03-Dec-15 21:18:31

The midwife one wouldn't be a repeat of why you went to epu. Midwife wees are the norm (I have to do them each week)
I think epu would look at more in your wee sample than your midwife. As would your dr (I was feeling ill, they had about 5 or something things that they get from your wee and when I spoke to MW she said she didn't look for as much as dr would)
If your feeling ok then I wouldn't stress yourself. Can you call dr and see why they need you to do a wee and discuss your results?

originalusernamefail Thu 03-Dec-15 21:29:44

One of my samples earlier in the pg contained yeast (won't show up on the strip test) suggesting thrush. My GP just called to make me aware and to contact them if symptomatic - maybe yours is something similar?

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