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Pregnant and in agony

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Leighmarie123 Thu 03-Dec-15 01:54:55

Hi. Im a Mum to a 22 month old and I'm 29 weeks pregnant. I've just got over a cold which has left me with a dry/tickly cough. I've had it for 9 days now (my coughs always last ages). Been to GP - no chest infection. He said only cough medicine I would be able to take is Simple Linctus. This has done nothing to help. I am constantly coughing through the day no matter what I drink. I've tried lemon and honey in hot water, and milk. I have slept about 2/3 hours a night for the past 6 nights. As soon as I get into bed and even think of laying down I have coughing fits. I'm using extra pillows, but that doesn't help.i sit in the lounge all night. i have badly bruised my ribs on both sides and every cough is now agony. Paracetamol don't touch the pain. I feel like I'm going to go insane through lack of sleep and pain. I know I've got approx another week of this! My OH works in West London 6 days a week, I'm finding it incredibly hard to look after my son. I have no close family (my Mum is bed bound and has dementia). My friends all work in the city. Feeling very low. To top it all, I was already suffering with PPGP pain and finding it hard to walk. Just wanted to talk to people who could understand :-( Feel like I'm going to lose my mind soon!

Dixiechick17 Thu 03-Dec-15 05:01:57

Sorry you're having a rough time, being ill when pregnant is horrible. When I had a chest infection I had a tickly cough which also kept me up all night. On the doctors advice when I took my dose of medicine I sipped it slowly so that coated my throat. This would tickle at first but really helped with the night time tickle. The only way I could sleep was as propped up as possible. Might be worth putting pillows on either side of you too to cushion you in. Hope you feel better soon flowers

Everythinggettingbigger Thu 03-Dec-15 12:11:13

flowers sorry you are feeling ill. Nothing worse when you cannot do anything to make it better either. I have an abscess which has been playing up for around 7 weeks now, and the dentist will not do anything while I'm pregnant, one round of antibiotic's which didn't clear it up and now just been told to stick to paracetemol! it has kept me awake most nights in agony. I really hope your cough goes soon!

I wonder if speaking to your midwife would help? maybe they could advise something?

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