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Implantation, period, positive test ...How far pregnant would I be..very confused

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Lisa92 Wed 02-Dec-15 18:44:40

My first time on here but I am confused and thought you may be able to help!

I have 27 day cycles but I had a 3 day bleed 29th sept - 1st October (I thought it was implantation bleed as was only three days). Then I bled 22nd - 28th October so thought I was not pregnant and this was a period but then on the 24th November I found out I am pregnant gringrin !!
But the 3 day bleed has confused me. How far pregnant would I be going off the 3 day bleed then period then positive test?
Any answers would be helpful smile xx

strawberryandaflake Wed 02-Dec-15 18:46:54

Get a clearblue with dating indicator of wait for your dating scan. Only way to know. X

GoApeShit Wed 02-Dec-15 18:50:41

Well if the first day of your last 'period' was 29th Sept then that makes you around nine weeks? If you ignore the bleed in the middle. But if you go from the first day of the three day bleed you'd be around seven weeks. The only way to tell is booking a scan. Someone else who is better at working these things out than me will hopefully be along soon.

Lisa92 Wed 02-Dec-15 19:11:56

Thank you for the replys!
I haven't done a clear blue as with my daughter I took 2 and they were not accurate and I will ask midwife about a scan I just didn't think they would do one because of strange bleeding before I was pregnant. Thanks

Lisa92 Thu 03-Dec-15 18:27:04

Clear blue just said 3+ so not much help? sad

Oysterbabe Thu 03-Dec-15 22:01:56

I'd take it from 22nd October.
If the first bleed was implantation what was the second? I think the first was just a light period, it happens sometimes.

Kaytee1987 Sun 06-Dec-15 21:46:26

I would count from 22nd October as that sounds like a proper period. Just FYI my periods are always only 3 days so it could have just been a lighter month for you?

Quodlibet Mon 07-Dec-15 00:05:27

3 day bleed could have been a short anovulatory cycle. Not sure I understand why you don't just think your last period was 22 Oct which makes you 6.5 weeks?

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