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Not sure what this means, could i be pregnant or not?

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SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 17:49:03

Hi, I'm Sam. I have posted a thread on here before but only got one answer so I am looking for a second or more opinions to see what everyone else thinks..I'm 20yrs old and my fiance and I are also really trying to conceive. I heard your periods can either not come, can differ from normal, or could possibly just stay the same throughout the whole pregnancy.

I personally have thick dark medium flow type of periods every 27-32 picks and chooses when it wants to come and go. It usually lasts about 7 days. This is my first period since trying to get pregnant and it was a few days late with very bad cramps for the first day leaving me unable to get out of bed and move around for about 7 hours. It is usual for me to have cramps throughout my period but none that leave me unable to move without wanting to cry in pain. So, to get on with my issue..I usually start my period on about the 26th or 27th but I started on the 30th this time. My period is very thin, watery, steadly flowing and a medium shade of red blood. I have to change my pad every 20 minutes or so because the period is so thin that it spans out and makes the pad unwearable due to it being soaked after that 20 minute mark. I also still have very bad cramps even though it's 2 days after starting to show a sign of a period. Should I take a pregnancy test after this period is over or is it even a possibility that that is the reason for this change? Someone please help

I'm not sure what it means and if anyone knows please let me know what to do or what this means..

I also have been very tired and much more moody than usual when on my period...not sure if that means anything enough to alter the result of why my period is different this month

LouLou030783 Wed 02-Dec-15 17:50:53

It sounds like a period to me the only way to know for definite is to do a test x

VagueIdeas Wed 02-Dec-15 17:53:07

This all sounds very unusual. I would take a pregnancy test but also see a doctor about this heavy and unusual bleeding. You would want to rule out something like an ectopic pregnancy with your symptoms.

Iggi999 Wed 02-Dec-15 18:03:45

Agree with pp. if you knew you were pg, and then had pain and bleeding, they would scan you to rule out an ectopic. As you don't know, but could well be since you were ttc, I would strongly recommend you do a test and proceed from there.

sepa Wed 02-Dec-15 18:05:05

It could be that your pregnant or maybe your noticing these things more as your TTC. I would do a test just to see.
I was convinced every single month that my period was different to what it normally is.
Good luck OP

SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 18:06:48

I'm not sure what an ectopic pregnancy is but I have done one test and it came up a clear negative but I'm not sure if it was too early or if the test was a bad brand or something. I took the test day before yesterday midday around 1 or so. I heard you have to take it first thing when you wake up but my grandma told me to take it midday, I don't disagree with my grandma's suggestions, so I took it when she said. Maybe that is part of why it could have come up negative if I am pregnant

SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 18:13:02

We have tried to conceive once before but gave up as my period came as it normally would. I pay attention to my periods simply because I do not want something to happen and I need a doctor then can't explain what it was like that month if asked. This one is definitely like no other that I've had since I started at 12 years old. I'm hoping it's not something bad. Someone else told me that she had the same thing happen and it turned out she was pregnant and the egg was just settling...not sure if that's a possibility for me either, maybe. All I can do for sure is hope for the best but be prepared for the worst when not knowing the 100% true reason this is happening

Iggi999 Wed 02-Dec-15 18:13:10

Get another test - take it using first morning urine - respect your grandmother but don't take conception advice from her.
An ectopic is, roughly speaking, an egg that has implanted in the wrong place. If it stays there you would be at risk. It is likely what you have is just your period, but you can't risk not checking it out as the results can be very bad.

sepa Wed 02-Dec-15 18:17:45

I got a very faint positive 2 days after my missed period so I would probably wait till this bleeding passes for a couple of days and do a test. Test first thing in the morning as this will have the best accuracy.

sepa Wed 02-Dec-15 18:18:47

Also, conceiving a baby can take up to a year to happen so don't stress/worry or get upset if this time it turns out negative

SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 18:18:54

I will be buying another test asap then using it as you have said with first morning urine and see what the outcome is. Can I do it with this going on without it throwing off the test or do I need to wait until this gets a little better?

SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 18:29:39

I can probably wait until the bleeding goes away I am just worried it will say negative. I know it takes a while to conceive for a lot of people but there is always that chance you could after the first few tries. We tried once before but did not truly try until this time. My fiance and I both are more than ready to have a little one on the way. I think he will be just as heartbroken as me if we don't start a family soon if not more upset than family has a history of losing babies and if they do go full term then they tend to suffer from back problems mid to late pregnancy especially if they are already mid age 20s. So we are trying to start a family before I cannot handle it due to back problems from what seems to always be cracked or broken discs with my family. Hoping for the best though *fingers crossed this will succeed before it's too late

SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 18:30:49

Are there any home pregnancy test brands you guys recommend that have a good reputation for giving accurate results?

CultureSucksDownWords Wed 02-Dec-15 18:35:12

You can do the test as soon as soon as you like. You will either have pregnancy hormones in your urine or not. If not, there is a very small chance that you could be very early on in pregnancy and not enough hormones are present yet. The normal advice is to wait another few days, and if your period still hasn't come then to test again. However, it does sound to me like you're having a period, possibly unusual because of stress or just a random odd period.

It can take several months before conceiving, so don't be put off if it doesn't happen straight away. Also, if you don't already, you could use an app to track your cycle and give you a good idea of which are your most fertile days.

QforCucumber Wed 02-Dec-15 18:45:26

I tested positive at 6pm with a tesco own brand test 2 days after my period was due.
It sounds as though you are having a period, have you been on hormonal contraception? This may have affected your periods.
Just because you don't have a family history of losing pregnancies that doesn't mean it can't happen, I lost my 1st at 8 weeks - there's nothing you can do if it's going to happen it will.
Most people can take months, even years to conceive - I do think you need to look into early pregnancy complications, symptoms and conception properly rather than just expecting it to happen first time and being heartbroken if it doesn't. If you're prepared you'll be more undertaking.

SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 19:03:47

My family does have a past of miscarriages so that is a possibility for me I'm guessing but it's hard not to be sad if the test says negative and we will be upset but it's nothing we can't get over. It may just be a weird period as you guys are saying but I will be getting another test asap to make sure that is what it is but if I am pregnant by chance than I will be visiting a doctor soon after I get the positive on the pregnancy test. I may end up seeing a doctor anyways because I am still getting cramps off and on right now but as of about 15 minutes ago when I went to the bathroom my period has slowed down quite a bit. I normally go a full 7-8 days and it has been 3 as of today. We shall see what this holds in the end of this bleeding situation

Pollyputhtekettleon Wed 02-Dec-15 19:08:20

Firstly it sounds strongly like you are not pregnant. You have your period and a negative test. I don't think anyone would consider a possible pregnancy with those facts.

Secondly it can take many months to make a baby. So giving up after one month not working is unusual. I suggest you buy the book called 'taking charge of your fertility' to learn how it all works and how your body works in relation to ovulation, implantation and pregnancy.

Very occasionally people have a 'period' throughput their pregnancy. It's very rare.

sepa Wed 02-Dec-15 19:16:08

It is sad when you see a negative test month after month but when you do get the positive and go past 12 week scan you will be glad that you had the negative test as you will love the one your pregnant with.

You can't let yourself get down if you have a negative. It is possible to conceive within the first month of trying but this is very rare which is why Drs etc say 12 months

Iggi999 Wed 02-Dec-15 19:22:59

I thought I wasn't pregnant once because I had four days of bleeding. I was actually pregnant, although sadly that one didn't work out. The OP has irregular periods so hard to say exactly how pg she might be - it is certainly possible to do a test too soon, and the tests have different sensitivities. (First response is my favourite, but not cheap unless there's an offer on in Boots!)
OP consider having an appointment to talk through your concerns re your family. It is very unusual to be worried about your back preventing you from having dcs, it would be good to chat through your family history with a sympathetic doctor.

SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 22:06:12

Thanks for all of the help everyone, if this is just a strange period then so be it, my fiance and I can always try again. If it is a positive on the next test I take to make sure this period is just that, a period. Not pregnancy...then I will be happy just like everyone should be to start a family of their own. We shall see

clarabellski Thu 03-Dec-15 09:53:46

Hi Sam I couldn't see anywhere on your post whether you were on hormonal contraception or not (sorry if I missed this). If you were, then I would note that when you come off it, your periods may not necessarily come back in the same way they were before you were on hormonal contraception, or it may take some months for them to come back the way they used to be.

SamC1020 Thu 03-Dec-15 13:15:08

No I think I forgot to answer that question...I have never been on anything like that, I don't believe in using it myself so that's not really an issue. I will be going to the doctor today to see what exactly is going on though

SamC1020 Thu 22-Sep-16 21:44:22

I know this is some time later but I figured for those who recently find this thread I would let you know the outcome.

I went to the doctor's, they did multiple tests. They said according to their tests, I had a possible miscarriage or a false pregnancy, not sure how they don't know exactly as I talked to 3 doctors/nurses. They told me basically my body either was actually letting go of the miscarried baby or it was acting as if it was. Very confusing time but that was my answer from them.

I wish you all best of luck for whoever is going through something similar. If you're trying to conceive, keep trying!

elliej83 Fri 23-Sep-16 08:32:14

Sam if you google a chemical pregnancy it sounds like that's what you had. The best way I found to get my head round it was that the sperm fertilised the egg but then there was something not quite right with the embryo it produced so it doesn't embed properly and your body rejects it and you have a period but perhaps slightly different to normal. In my case it was much heavier. This is VERY common and one of the reasons why doctors suggest not doing a pregnancy test until after your period is late as you can quite often get excited your pregnant and it turn out to be a chemical pregnancy.

SamC1020 Fri 23-Sep-16 14:40:48

I had never heard about that but that could've been the issue. It was a crippling pain for hours so I'm not sure exactly what it was but it was horrible! Thanks for letting me know about a chemical pregnancy though, always nice to learn new things

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