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Can't find a NHS dentist (Sevenoaks)

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seven201 Wed 02-Dec-15 16:49:02

Since discovering I was pregnant I've been trying (vaguely) to find a dentist as I know it's important to look after your teeth when pregnant. I moved about 6 months ago and haven't been able to find one where I live now, in Sevenoaks. My friend said she managed to get into a NHS dentist through maternity exemption card but that's not working for me! Anyone know of a dentist that accepts NHS patients in or around Sevenoaks? I'm a teacher so I don't have a large salary and the price list for private is eye watering! The NHS website has not helped. Thanks x

ohanami Mon 07-Dec-15 00:07:21

Hi Sophie, welcome to Sevenoaks. If you're still looking, the nearest NHS dentist I found was Wyndcott dentists in Swanley. I think there's one in Biggin Hill as well but can't remember the name of the practice.

Cel982 Mon 07-Dec-15 00:10:16

There's a central number you can ring and they'll put you on a waiting list for an NHS one? Took a couple of months for me to get 'placed' - not sure how far along you are or if you can wait that long!

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