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Not sure what this means, please help me understand

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SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 16:43:33

Hi, I am 20 years old and my fiance and I have been trying to have a baby. This would be my first child as when I was younger I thought I was pregnant but never took a test as I was afraid to admit I may have been, then bleeding started and a large clot came out so I took it as a miscarriage seeing as how I was gaining a lot of weight before and getting morning sickness then after the bleeding stopped so did the signs of pregnancy. Anyway, my fiance is afraid it will happen again and so he said to find out what is going on now before it is too late and I do not have insurance currently so I cannot afford an appointment to the doctor that provides me with no answers.

We tried to conceive on November 19th and on November 30th I took one test mid day(about 1:30pm) as my grandmother told me I could possibly see results(not sure if that's possible but never disagree with a suggestion from your grandma) came back a clear negative. I'm not sure if I HAVE to take it first thing when I wake up or if I can mid day and still get the same result. I am also not sure if maybe the test was from a brand that just doesn't work...if you know of any brands that give accurate results normally please tell me. It is now December 2nd and as of around 6:30pm I was starting to bleed as if I were starting to have a period. It was a very small amount of brownish blood then within 45 minutes I went again and it was a pink/very bright red mucus like mixture then by the time I woke up around 6am the next day I had bled a sort of bright/medium red watery like period throughout my sleep and the whole day yesterday I am still bleeding that way all day. I am having to change my pad around every 20 minutes as it is just that watery that by 30 minutes time I'm sure it would be soaked. I'm a bit worried of what this is as my normal period starts as brownish, then goes straight to a medium flow but dark red...could I be pregnant and it's going wrong? Could I just be having an irregular period this month...? What do I do? What is this??

SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 16:52:18

I forgot to add that my mood usually changes the day before a normal period and a bearable cramping throughout that day but I have been feeling drained, cramps off and on from Nov 20th to now. The cramping yesterday was nearly unbearable as I couldn't even get out of bed without wanting to cry in pain. My mood has also been very off for the past week ranging from getting very upset at practically nothing to very mad at small things when normally I can just brush off my moods. I am also normally a person who likes a clean house and I usually get up every day to do everyday chores but for the past 4-5 days I've been wanting to do nothing but lay in bed and sleep so my house is a mess. I have no "want" to clean. I know it's not laziness because I sit here and see the mess and I know I need to clean it but I just can't stay up for very long without feeling drained and needing sleep. Please help me understand this

RNBrie Wed 02-Dec-15 16:53:30

Ok... take another pregnancy test. When you tested on the 30th, you were only 10 days after you tried to conceive and most pregnancy tests are not strong enough to pick up a positive after 10 days. It's now 14 days after you tried to conceive so this would be about the right time for your period to start anyway - so it could just be that.

If you are pregnant and bleeding then you probably do need to see a doctor. But your first step it to take another test. You'll find that periods can be weird when you are TTC - its just one of those things that happens to confuse us. The chances are this is just a weird period and it will pass and you'll get back to normal. Best of luck flowers

SamC1020 Wed 02-Dec-15 16:57:51

Thank you so much, I really hope the next test comes back positive but maybe it is just a weird period for some reason...I am afraid to get the bad news so hopefully it is good but we will see. If a test still comes back negative I will definitely be checking with a doctor

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