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Did you announce your ELC before the day?

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FrozenYogurt Wed 02-Dec-15 15:53:32

I've copied my thread over from Childbirth as it's quite quiet over there...

I have just received my date for my ELC (at 39 weeks). I am currently 37 weeks with 3rd DC and this will be my first CS.

We didn't tell anyone with DC1&2 that we were in labour (apart from parents looking after DC1) and the first anyone knew about it all was the birth announcement we made - pretty standard, I think.

My question is, obviously this time around we already know when we're having DC3 now, we've told parents again as we'll need childcare. But I've known for a few days now and I'm still telling people that I'll probably be as late as I was with the first two, and joking that I'll go into labour over the Christmas turkey.
I think I've got my head around the fact that this birth will be different, so I'm not sure why I'm still pretending otherwise!

Anyone else kept their CS to themselves and just announced when the baby arrived?

I think maybe I'm just not very keen to discuss the ins and outs of it all with everyone, and would rather not have the fuss and expectations as the date draws nearer. And I want to be able to make a similar birth announcement as I did with the first two. Or am I just weird?

hartmel Wed 02-Dec-15 15:59:46

We only told parents otherwise waited till the baby is born. As I had a couple friends who announced it earlier and they got massive of messages asking if the baby arrived already. And that annoyed them so much they wrote a long post in Facebook that friends should stop messaging, and that they will tell everyone when the baby is born..

If I get pregnant again I will keep my due date a secret. Never had a ELC but if I ever should I would only tell my parents because of childcare

Congrats and good luck

CorBlimeyTrousers Wed 02-Dec-15 16:05:03

We told close family the date. Other friends and family knew I was having an ELCS but we didn't announce the date. I didn't want the pressure and also the date could have been earlier if something happened or later if there were a lot of emergencies that day. Even with close family I emphasised that it might not happen on the planned date and told them we'd let them know (ie not to text asking for news). When the baby was born I texted friends to let them know and later posted on FB that he'd arrived by 'planned caesarean'.

So in my opinion you're not weird. Good luck smile

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