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Sickness returned ....

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MissN92 Wed 02-Dec-15 12:42:07

This pregnancy stuff is so much less glamorous than we are made to believe! I am 20 weeks now (half way!) and the sickness I thought was gone has returned .... with quite a vengeance! Is this normal? I feel fatigued constantly, my nose is blocked and my skin is horrendous .... all of which is topped off with crazy hormones raging around making me feel great and happy one minute and a grumpy, sad mess the next!
This is my first pregnancy so any advice on what to do to cope and make it through the next 20 weeks without curling up and not leaving the house is welcome! I feel I am losing myself slightly ....

Junosmum Wed 02-Dec-15 12:45:16

It could be a bug? Having said that I also feel sick today, morning sickness type nausea. I'm 33 weeks.

TwoDrifters Wed 02-Dec-15 12:49:36

So sorry to hear this MissN92 sadly you are not alone. I am currently 35 weeks and was signed off work for 3 months in early pregnancy with hyperemesis. Although it's a whole lot better than it was, I am still being sick most days, it's just "normal" to me now. I constantly feel nauseous & have a horrid taste in my mouth 24-7. It's one of the few things that are tempering my extreme fear of childbirth, the hope & expectation that at last the sickness will at least be gone!

You have my heartfelt sympathy. Try to rest as much as you can, it really does help. Find whatever foods help you & stick with those. Don't worry too much about a balanced diet - for me, anything stodgy & "carby" seemed to help, so toast, jacket potatoes, pasta etc. Fresh fruit & salad made me worse, ridiculous I know!

Delegate housework & non essential tasks as much as possible & take it easy. You will get through it! flowers

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