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Urinating all the time!!

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Gingerlady123 Wed 02-Dec-15 10:43:35

24 weeks and 4 days pregnant and last night I got up to urinate 6 times! Between 10:30-4:00. So annoying. I've had my urine checked last week and the week before and no sign of infection. I have no pain weeing but do sometimes get the urge and struggle to go, the flow is a normal amount each time. I've tried not drinking fluids after 7pm still doing no good. A normal night I urinate 2-4 times so last night was excessive. I'm normally fine during the day and going about every three hours which I was pre pregnancy but as soon as I'm home from work in the evening I'm on the toiler all the time. 4-6 times between 6pm and bedtime is normal for me.
Doctors have done dip tests and found nothing but they have sent of a sample to the hospital to be cultured as apparently dip tests don't show everything but havnt heard back yet I'm seeing the midwife tomorrow for my 25 week appointment. But I'm also worried about gestational diabetes as this can be a symptom I read and I'm worried about an undetected infection bringing on prem labour. I suffer severe health anxiety and this is putting me under immense stress.

Gingerlady123 Wed 02-Dec-15 10:45:17

Also during the day I can feel the urge to go when standing up but when I try to go nothing comes out

BexusSugarush Wed 02-Dec-15 11:40:10

I'm sorry to hear this is getting you down. If it helps, I have experienced the same thing since being about 18 weeks pregnant (am now 37 weeks). On an average night after going to bed I will be up once an hour between about 10pm and 8am to pee. Once an hour. That's 10 times a night! I have evenings where I sit and read for a few hours and I'm up to pee once every 15 minutes, I kid you not! It can be unbearable. Holding back on fluids doesn't help me, rocking back and forth to empty my bladder completely doesn't help me.

And I have absolutely no health problems or pregnancy problems. I guess some of us just have smaller, weaker bladders than others. If nothing comes back from the tests, I would honestly say don't worry about it, some people are just a little less lucky than others in that department. Definitely more important for us to keep up our pelvic floor exercises though.

I really hope it gets better for you, but I personally have just learnt to put up with it, even making jokes out of it helps. xx

Gingerlady123 Wed 02-Dec-15 13:02:32

Thanks. Sorry to hear this is happening to you as well it's horrible. I'm sure it's why I'm so tired all day long.
The worse is when you feel the urge to go and can't go. Like now. !! Will ask the midwife tomorrow

Ellizardo Wed 02-Dec-15 19:12:58

Hi Ginger - I had GD in my first pregnancy (no family history, regular BMI, totally came out of the blue) and one of the symptoms was a need to pee ALL THE TIME, quite bad thrush and DC1's tummy circumference looked disproportionately big on a later scan. The point of my post is to say that I managed the diabetes with my diet for the remaining weeks of my preg (I think I was diagnosed around week 28/30) and have a lovely healthy baby boy as a result with absolutely no GD the moment the placenta was delivered. In other words, even the 'worst case' scenario isn't all that bad! Good luck.

mumchkin Thu 03-Dec-15 08:45:02

Bexus I could have written your post exactly! I am 36 weeks and up until about a month ago I too was getting up every hour overnight (8-10 times) and yes it is knackering. I read that the reason it's much worse at night is because the legs hold fluid and then when you lie down the kidneys process the fluid retention and you pee it all out - joy!
Gingerlady I too was super paranoid about gestational diabetes, but I don't have it. Also got tested for infections, but to no avail.
What I found really helped was getting a pregnancy pillow (just a cheapie in the long sausage shape) - it raises my leg and so takes some pressure off the bladder. Allowed me to go 3 hours instead of every 1.
Try not to let it upset you, because that adds to the poor sleeping and exhaustion. Try and stay kind of half asleep on your toilet trip if you can - don't turn on lights (get some little led nightlights and put them through the house).
I really feel for you - I've had every symptom under the sun but the bladder thing is by far the worst.

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