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Christinedonna Wed 02-Dec-15 09:17:44

Just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant. 5 weeks today! Just wondered if anyone had any advice on what I should be doing now, or more importantly shouldn't be. I started pregnacare yesterday, instantly threw my cigarettes in the bin, (I don't drink anyway). I've had sore boobs for a week or so and my back has be sore for a little bit longer than that. On my third day of nausea but no sickness. I didn't sleep last night because of horrible little cramps and twinges aswell as the feeling sick. Anything that could help these things? Thank you

HD18 Wed 02-Dec-15 11:05:42

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I'm now 12 weeks and nausea is finally starting to fade...I found ginger nut biscuits helped me for the sickness. Lavender spray on my pillow at night helped me sleep better. I haven't had much trouble with my back but I suffered terrible with boob pain (naturally have big boobs anyway so just makes it worse haha! I found a couple of bras in tesco for £6 which are amazing for night time! No underwire and full support.

Lisam1991 Wed 02-Dec-15 11:09:17

Can i jump on board and ask if either of you experienced implantation bleeding. Im confused. Congrats btw ☺x

Christinedonna Wed 02-Dec-15 11:21:50

I didn't realise how quickly you go from being a normal human to a full on hormonal pregnant woman! Il definitely look into the lavender spray as even though I'm knackered after no sleep today I can't manage dosing off. I had heard that about ginger nut biscuits actually! And yeah 34D before and already I can't fit them in my bra's anymore!
Lisam1991 I had maybe 3 dots pin prick size when i wiped yesterday but nothing before or after. Barely barely there!
Congratulations the both of you xx

BexusSugarush Wed 02-Dec-15 11:35:07

Congratulations ladies! As someone at 37 weeks pregnant, I can tell you that you have a roller-coaster of a time ahead of you, but definitely an enjoyable one!

I personally had a little bit of implantation bleeding a few weeks before I took a pregnancy test. Then the nausea (no actual throwing up) was 24-7 for the first 3 months. People will tell you to eat better than you ever have in your life at this point but with nausea, the only advice that will help is eat what you can, when you can. Toast worked best for me; once I'd gotten past the awful smell, the taste helped. Do look up what foods you definitely shouldn't eat though, as this is the most important time to follow advice like that. Well done on not drinking or smoking also.

Also, buy/borrow/ask for whatever you need to make yourself feel comfortable, and get used to never actually being comfortable. My personal experience with needing new bras was that my boobs grew considerably in the first month or two, and then seemed to go back to my normal size! Any bras you get, be they daytime (always go for no underwire going forwards), night-time or even being prepared with nursing bras, always buy at least 1-3 cup sizes bigger, and ALWAYS get a larger back size than you need, as your ribs WILL expand and clothes WILL be tight around your ribs. M&S did a wonderful free bra-fitting for me and kitted me out with post-surgery bras at a discounted price (standard discount for post-surgery, apparently) and these bras have fitted me from week 7 - week 37!

As to not being able to sleep, try and see that as preparation for having your baby there with you ;) Naps may help instead of trying to get 8 hours at night, ginger or even plain biscuits before you get out of bed, comfier pj's maybe.

Absolutely no harm in doing as much research as possible about this trimester, and ask everyone and anyone questions - I found this forum amazing throughout my pregnancy. Research will help you so that you don't spend the next 9 months in constant fear, or go running to the midwife with every single little query.

Best of luck and enjoy!! x

Christinedonna Wed 02-Dec-15 11:40:36

I certainly found a lot of comfort in the fact that cramps and twinges are normal. Laying in bed last night I could have really panicked thinking something was wrong as it wasn't nice at all! The OH will have to get used to me tossing and turning and poking him because it annoys me that he's sleeping while I'm not. He's been so good so far though. I'm just trying to control how much I let hormones get the better of me atm. I don't want him dreading it if I'm a pain this early on! I will definitely look into the bras, a nice comfy boob sound incredible right now! The rest of me feels like it will never be comfortable again!

Jw35 Wed 02-Dec-15 12:13:10

Hi I'm 5 weeks today too! Come join us in the August 2016 thread!

Christinedonna Wed 02-Dec-15 12:22:27

How do I find it?

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