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No sensations in upper uterus? Confused (28 weeks)

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WombOfOnesOwn Wed 02-Dec-15 00:09:03

I've been feeling the little guy move around since he was 13 weeks gestational age (super early, I know!). I was told at an 18 week ultrasound that my placenta is posterior, and have been feeling increasing sensations just how I would have thought...

Except I never, EVER feel him up high. Sometimes I have the hiccups several times in a row, which I've heard some women say is the baby kicking, but I can never feel him move when that's happening. Meanwhile, I feel tons of rolls and flutters and kicks down low, including on my cervix (yowch!).

I can also feel the baby's movements from outside, and see them, and I just never see them up above my belly button. Is this because I'm fat (size 28)? Has my placenta decided to be at the very top of my uterus, making it cushioned and hard to feel up there?!

Anyone else have this same experience? I told other pregnant women I know about it and they looked at me like I'd just said I came from Mars--one said she wished she couldn't feel hers up high! I worry that once he flips into vertex presentation, I won't be able to feel his kicks. I know this sounds stupid and that I will probably be regretting worrying about not feeling myself get kicked in the lungs in a few weeks...

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