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Palpitations early pregnancy

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Dileas29 Tue 01-Dec-15 21:42:38

Is this common? I get this when I have too much caffeine but on decaf tea and lying down my heart is pounding it's making me anxious. Anyone else?

embarrasseddoesntcutit Tue 01-Dec-15 21:52:19

Yep, very common, totally normal and nothing to worry about. Somewhat frightening though.

I have a mild heart condition and was terrified it had got worse in the first few weeks of pregnancy as I was getting frequent palpitations. An ecg and echo showed my heart condition had actually got better! The palpitations were just normal part of pregnancy.

My cardiologist told me not to worry unless they become painful or wake me up when I'm asleep.

Dileas29 Wed 02-Dec-15 06:50:30

Thank you for this, I don't remember with my first having it!

ToffeeForEveryone Wed 02-Dec-15 07:40:51

I'm 28 weeks and still getting this off and on. Very uncomfortable but apparently quite common.

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