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NCT Classes cancelled - should we re-book or refund?

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Wharm14 Tue 01-Dec-15 12:47:27

I've just had an email telling us that due to lack of numbers, our NCT classes in January are cancelled. They've offered us alternative dates; a one to one with a teacher or a full refund. We've just attend hypnobirthing classes and to be honest I haven't got any questions left really, but wondered if it was still sensible to go along or just attend some bumps and babies groups once little one is here?

Junosmum Tue 01-Dec-15 12:57:22

I think a big thing about NCT is about the making friends, so I don't see the point in one to one.

moggle Tue 01-Dec-15 13:34:31

Yeah, I wouldn't bother with a one to one. I did make some great friends at NCT classes but loads afterwards too from various baby groups we did in the early days (just sitting around drinking tea and chatting). Sometimes NCT run (paid for) "early days" courses which could be good if your local area doesn't have much in the way of postnatal / baby groups.
I would get a refund, no question.

DancingDinosaur Tue 01-Dec-15 13:38:29

I wouldn't bother with a 1:1. The only good thing from those classes is the friendships.

GoApeShit Tue 01-Dec-15 20:13:50

Yep, the friends are the only good thing. 1:1s would be pointless. Just take the alternative dates.

Wharm14 Thu 03-Dec-15 11:30:01

Thanks guys, we've decided to cancel and find some bumps and baby groups to attend to make friend stat way instead. Putting the money we've saved towards the buggy instead! x

GoApeShit Thu 03-Dec-15 13:49:02

Being brutally honest here - my NCT group got me through the first year of being a mother. I couldn't have done it without that support. I agree you can find friends elsewhere, but please think carefully if saving the money is worth that support network.

(Of course I understand everyone has different experiences etc, but I couldn't put a price on the friends I made in that group)

Tftpoo Thu 03-Dec-15 14:30:40

The same thing happened to me. We went to another class about 30 miles away and tbh it wasn't really worth it as the info you can get from the NHS classes and the main benefit is making friends. I never met up with the others in the group after we had our babies as they were too far away but I went o my local bumps and babies groups and made lots of friends there. So I would say get a refund and start looking out for what groups are on nearby.

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