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Kick to the groin - help me rationalise

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SeriousStuff Tue 01-Dec-15 00:26:02

Hi, found out this morning that I'm pg, and am probably about 3 weeks. Later today, my toddler was having a massive tantrum and she kicked me really hard in the groin. Half an hour later, I started feeling some very painful twinges in my stomach. Anything to worry about?!

Peaceloveandpartyrings Tue 01-Dec-15 00:48:24

I think your baby is about the size of a poppy seed at the moment, isn't it? And very well-protected underneath lots of layers of lining, uterus, muscle, fat, skin, clothing, etc. I'm sure you'll be fine.

SeriousStuff Tue 01-Dec-15 00:58:19

Thanks peace - just hard to rationalise when you're in the middle of it I guess. Seem to have completely forgotten what it was like 1st time round...

Champagneformyrealfriends Tue 01-Dec-15 07:18:27

My nephew booted me in the groin, stomach, side, everywhere! And I was training with a person trainer doing deadlifts, boxing, etc. Baby is very very very well protected! Try not to worry-Xxxx

Iammad Tue 01-Dec-15 09:13:27

Please don't worry, your baby is well protected in your pelvis for around the first 12 weeks.
I'm 33 weeks and my 13 month old loves nothing better then to run up to me at full speed and slam my poor tummy!

SeriousStuff Tue 01-Dec-15 09:22:17

Thanks guys!

ShowYourSeams Tue 01-Dec-15 11:49:04

I have just had twins and have a toddler who likes to play tickle fights! While I was pregnant I lost count of the amount of times I was kicked/punched in the tummy while messing around with him. I also used to bang my ridiculously huuuuge bump on worktops, tables, the sink...
Also, once I got too big to carry him on my hip I would carry him sat on top of my bump (recommended by my consultant and physio).
They grow in a big bag of water for a very good reason. smile

villainousbroodmare Tue 01-Dec-15 11:50:49

Baba will be fine.

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