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negative test

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brooklyn99 Mon 30-Nov-15 17:05:53

Hi I really need advice . Me and my partner started trying for a second baby September I had period September the 11th and since then no period but negative test . I had alot of on and off cramping in tummy and back,shooting type pain in boobs which have grown ,on and off discharge which has eased of ,was feeling emotional a little bit couple weeks ago which I dont feel as much now i have had alot of gas ,burping alot and tummy feels swollen But other than that no morning sickness or cravings but I didn't have that with my son either . I've never had ireggular periods but the test which I have took are all saying negative which I estimate I could be around 11 weeks . Ive been using cheap pound shop ones and bought pack of one step strips of ebay ,i did but clear blue test around two and half weeks ago but all said neagative . Had this happend to anybody ? I feel like I'm going crazy and I could have phantom pregancy at the beginning of trying for a baby I was dead calm and relaxed and now as time as gone on I feel little stressed . I have booked blood test for next week but feel nervous for results

Pollyputhtekettleon Tue 01-Dec-15 10:45:07

Ok, well all those symptoms could simply be hormones, which are likely the reason you have had no period. Stranger things have happened than being pregnant with negative tests to 11 weeks but I think you need to prepare yourself that it's highly unlikely. I do think at this stage you need to get checked out by the doc. We're you on the pill before? Because that would explain a lot.

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