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Vomiting at 24 week still

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Gingerlady123 Mon 30-Nov-15 15:42:45

I've been suffering with morning sickness since week five of my pregnancy. Now week 24 and a bit and still vomiting but it has decreased in the amount of times.

However my last few vomits have all come up looking like an oldish stale red/black blood. It's not mixed in with anything else just the whole vomit is like this. Oh says it's not blood.

I have been mostly waking in the night vomiting recently which is new and it starts with a slight burning sensation in the upper chest/throat area and doesn't stop until I vomit and that relieves it. I'm really worried that I'll have a hole in my oesophagus and I'll die from it as its mostly fatal. Last week I was burping all the time as well and suspect I have some mild heartburn from the pregnancy but the colour of my vomit is really bothering me. If I'm vomiting at 3am on an empty tummy shouldn't it be bile that's white or yellow. Like it was for weeks before. I also can't think of any red food/liquids I had ate the days the vomit has been like this. I'm really concerned, I can't see how this is anything other than fatal.

I suffer from severe health anxiety and am absolutely terrified. I see my midwife Thursday.

Hellohellohowareyou Mon 30-Nov-15 16:00:05

I vomited blood during my last pregnancy and I had torn my oespahgus (or however it's spelt) got given some tablets to help it heal but it was really painful as the amount of times I was vomiting meant stomach acid was getting into the tears. I vomited until around 35 weeks in both my pregnancies.

I would pop to your GP and get some advice if I was you, mine was fresh bright blood though and not old blood as you describe

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