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When to see a Doc about morning sickness??????

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bluemoongirly Mon 30-Nov-15 12:12:59


I am currently 8 weeks pregnant (I believe). Currently feel utterly helpless and generally rubbish.

Have been suffering with nausea and vomiting for around two weeks. This is now my second day off, couldn't keep anything down yesterday. Woke at 5 to try and get something down to no avail so phoned in sick at 6.30.

I am a teacher and feel very guilty about being off!

I am wondering when I should see a doctor? Am I being a wuss? I am fed-up of feeling like I cant do anything (eat/sleep/work/be myself).....It is just so frustrating!!!!!!!

spilttheteaagain Mon 30-Nov-15 12:32:54

Don't feel guilty, you sound in no state to teach. Try and rest today, tiredness and over doing it will only make it worse.

How are you managing with fluids? Dehydration is the biggest worry with extreme nausea/sickness. Things to try - sucking ice cubes/ice lollies, I found iced water with a slice of lemon more palatable and could keep sipping that.

It sounds like you might need to be signed off tbh so I would see your GP. THere are lots of anti nausea and vomiting drugs for pregnancy these days - have a look on the hyperemesis thread and the ladies there would be well able to advise you!

Sallycinnamum Mon 30-Nov-15 12:42:26

I had terrible morning sickness with my second DC. It completely knocked me for six as I hadn't had any MS with DS and I half suspected I was having a girl (confirmed at my 20 week scan).

It also didn't hep that I'd started a new job two weeks into my pregnancy so hadn't built enough goodwill up to be signed off without it impacting on my job.

I struggled on until I literally ended up at the GP begging for something to help the all day and all night nausea. It was so bad at one point that I literally just had to look at anything pregnancy related and I'd throw up.

My GP ended up prescribing me two anti emetics, the first which worked for a while and then inexplicably stopped being effective so I ended up on Cyclazine, which ended the vomiting but I still felt hideous right up until my 13 weeks when the MS stopped overnight.

Please don't suffer. If This had been my first pregnancy I seriously don't think I'd have had another child. Make an appointment with your GP right now and get some help. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

April2013 Mon 30-Nov-15 12:45:37

It sounds like it is best to get on top of it sooner rather than later to improve your chances of it not getting quite bad - maybe try the pregnancy sickness support advice line, they seem to be the experts in this. Hope you feel better soon.

Chattycat78 Mon 30-Nov-15 12:53:15

Hi blue moon- I'm in the same boat. Im 8.5 weeks and I've been throwing up several times a day (sometimes around 6 times or more) for over 2.5 weeks. I feel awful. Unfortunately I can't stay in bed or anything though as I have a 10.5 month old who is non stop to care for. I'm debating when to go to the gp too as I can't put up with this for the next 6/8 weeks!

megletthesecond Mon 30-Nov-15 12:58:34

If you can't keep water down you must see your gp. I could only suck ice cubes and got a telling off because (unsurprisingly) they aren't enough to keep an adult hydrated blush.

Anti emetics / prescribed travel sickness tablets are fine, but they may well make you sleepy so you'll probably need to keep your head down for a bit.

KatyN Mon 30-Nov-15 13:51:11

I went to see the gp on my second day if sickness. It is my second and I didn't feel like this first time round so I was quite freaked out.
I think the official definition of hg is vomiting 4 times a day. If you present with this they will monitor you really carefully for dehydration.

Hope it eases soon!

waxweasel Mon 30-Nov-15 14:03:11

Definitely see your GP. Also try taking vitamin B6 supplements - they really helped me and are totally safe. Information on safety and effectiveness is here:

It sounds like you should just ask to be signed off tbh. It's hard accepting that you might have to leave work in the lurch a bit, but they can plan a lot better if they know you're signed off rather than just calling in on the day, and it'll help you to relax and get some proper rest too.

Lweji Mon 30-Nov-15 14:05:09

If you can't function in your job, then see a doctor.

spilttheteaagain Mon 30-Nov-15 14:08:04

Yes waxweasel I agree re the B6. My first 2 pregnancies I had debilitating nausea and was sick 5 days out of 7 (usually just once though). This time I am taking 50mg B6 a day and it's been milder nausea and more intermittent than constant and no vomiting thank god. Might just be different pregnancy (could be a boy instead this time!) but I don't dare stop taking the B6!

bluemoongirly Mon 30-Nov-15 16:31:58

Been to the docs and been prescribed cyclizine. Anyone have experience of it?

Chattycat78 Mon 30-Nov-15 16:36:03

Katy N- is that right- only 4 times a day is HG? I'm definitely exceeding that!

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