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TTC for 5 years, BFP...but now I'm spotting

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MissOnomer Sun 29-Nov-15 10:07:44

Hi - I'm hoping for some advice for my GP appointment tomorrow and to hear how things turned out for other people in the same situation.

I'm 42 and have a DS aged 7. Have been TTC for last 5 years with no success and declining optimism...when amazingly I got a BFP. The declining optimism means I'm not too accurate on dates but I'm about 8 weeks.

I had some spotting two weeks ago (browny discharge when I wiped, sorry if TMI). It was only the once and after an initial freak out and trip to GP walk in centre I calmed down.
Since Monday this week, every morning I have a browny coloured discharge and mild cramps. I saw my GP on Tuesday who gave me an internal who said not to worry and unless I had clots or worse pain, all was well.

I'm not doing well at the not worrying. I didn't go to work last week and I just don't know what to do with myself. I have a GP appointment tomorrow...

Is daily browny coloured discharge relatively common, or a worrying sign? Would an early scan tell me anything an internal exam won't?

Hoping for some advice..this is likely to be my last shot at pregnancy and the anxiety is driving me crazy!

Vap0 Sun 29-Nov-15 10:29:03

Hi miss

I'm in a similar position to you with brown spotting but am not as far along as you. This is also a very long awaited pregnancy. There is not much the dr's can do to stop the spotting but if you are 8 w they should offer you an early scan due to the spotting. If I make it to 6w they will scan me then. It's ok if it's brown and not red basically is what I was told. Another suggestion may be to ask your dr for 2 blood tests for hcg spaced a couple of days apart to see if your hcg is doubling as it should. I'm afraid it appears to be a just wait and see with crossed fingers situation. I know that doesn't make the anxious wait any easier. Look for my thread "brown spotting for 4 days..." A little further down this pregnancy board where other ladies have experienced spotting and have had successful pregnancies. It may help to put your mind at rest.

MissOnomer Sun 29-Nov-15 10:45:03

Thanks Vap0 I'll take a look at your thread...and I hope all goes well for you

Vap0 Sun 29-Nov-15 12:02:41

Best of luck to you too flowers

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