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Running while pregnant

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MrsJamesFraser Sat 28-Nov-15 22:00:48

Regular runner but for various reasons hadn't managed to get out since 13 weeks, until today. Now 20 weeks and went for a very slow 3 miles at park run. All felt okay apart from my nipples. I've always been big boobed but they have got even bigger now pregnant and the chaffing today was horrific. Any tips for how to help? Keen to keep running but cannot face that firey pain again shock

yeOldeTrout Sat 28-Nov-15 22:26:29

oh dear, sorry, I didn't have that one. Must be something you could wrap them in...?

Runningupthathill82 Sat 28-Nov-15 22:49:55

Sorry, never had that either - it was the chest tightness that stopped me running in my first pregnancy, and the pelvic floor that eventually stopped me this time!

Try Vaseline, like male runners do?! My DH also puts plasters over his nipples for long races, after finishing one too many runs with blood all down his vest...

Sanch1 Sun 29-Nov-15 07:43:10

Could you try breast pads in your bra?

Missingcaffeine Sun 29-Nov-15 08:39:44

It may be the way your bra fits. I got a new sports bra when pregnant as my pre-pregnancy one didn't really fit me properly any more. Having said that, if you're 20 weeks, you may not feel like running for much longer. I gave up running at 24 weeks and just went for walks a few home exercises and did yoga.

Nicky333 Sun 29-Nov-15 08:44:21

Yes, men put plasters over their nipples so try that. You might need a bigger plaster than men do though wink

I know people who've run throughout. One even did her 100th parkrun the day before she was due.

Runningupthathill82 Sun 29-Nov-15 09:15:39

Good point, missing - you may have to stop running soon anyway, OP. I planned on running throughout my pregnancy both times (previous marathon runner) but had to stop on doctors' orders both times. Made it to 25 weeks this time, which was great, though my parkrun times were 9mins off my pb by then!

ThursdayLastWeek Sun 29-Nov-15 09:23:01

I had to get a newer bigger bra for running in this pregnancy - I figure I can use it with my BFing norks to justify the cost! It wasn't my nipples, but under my arms that we're getting chafed with the too small one.

Could you try plasters over nipples perhaps?

And well done for getting out there! I did parkrun too yesterday at 25 weeks, and it was exhausting but worth it!

My times are over 10 mins slower than my PB!

LilyRose16 Sun 29-Nov-15 10:23:09

Boots sell nipple shields, ive heard they are really good and i plan on getting some!

MrsJamesFraser Sun 29-Nov-15 13:27:24

Thank you for great advice. DP suggested plasters but I was dubious they would stay put but think I'll try and maybe double up with a nipple shield or breast pad.

Really keen to keep running, even though am much slower already (34 mins for a run I would normally do in 27mins) but I have this theory that running will help me with labour stamina so will try and keep going as long as I can. Ran London Marathon in April so don't want to lose my momentum too soon as will make getting back after baby is born so much tougher.

Cannot believe someone doing a 5k the day before labour, what a woman!

7to25 Sun 29-Nov-15 13:31:22

You are taking a chance with your pelvic floor running late into pregnancy. Please see a gynae physio.

yeOldeTrout Sun 29-Nov-15 20:16:00

5k is just 35-45 minutes... even I probably did that (week before delivery). It's not like she actually ran 5k while in labour (which you could do in early stages, realistically).

5madthings Sun 29-Nov-15 20:22:38

I would try vaseline and maybe a new sports bra.

Re pelvic floor you need to do pelvic floor exercises regularly regardless of pregnancy. I have not been running as asthma got worse with this pregnancy but I also have placenta previa so running not recommended.

I am still riding my bike everyday, and walking everywhere etc.

Pregnancy puts a big strain on your pelvic floor so if you experience any stress incontinence etc running is probably not a good idea but providing you keep up your pelvic floor exercises etc you may well be fine I always was.

I really do think all preg women should just be referred to a physio for pelvic floor care during pregnancy so they have the chance to make sure they are doing the exercises properly. So many women just put up with stress incontinence as normal.

TriJo Mon 30-Nov-15 14:00:17

Bodyglide or similar would really help - I'd also check your sports bra to make sure you don't have a rubbing seam around there. Even if your size hasn't changed much the fit can change.

I'm 24+1 and will be seeing how this week goes before making a decision on whether to keep running - had some issues with dizziness related to low blood pressure last week so that worries me a little!

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