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Contraction advice

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Trace38 Sat 28-Nov-15 20:22:52

Waters have broken and I've been having progressive period pains all day. Since about four they are worse and I'm breathing through them - they sort of roll in like a bad period cramp and intensify right below my belly before easing and subsiding. I'm not having any tummy tightenings though. Anyone else experienced similar and what can I expect is to come? Feeling nervous.

Pollyputhtekettleon Sat 28-Nov-15 20:27:55

My first was a bit like that. Waters broke and pains started a few hours later. Then they got progressively stronger till I headed to the hospital. Unfortunately I was only 1cm when I arrived despite bad pains. I can guarantee your tummy is tightening but maybe you don't recognise the feeling? Is this your first? I know they always say it but on your first especially, try to stay home as long as possible because it can often be quite a long haul and you are more relaxed at home than the hospital (making the pains more manageable).

At the end of the day, your own instinct is the best judge but if your waters have gone, you are on the clock anyway for when they want you back in. Did you phone and tell them??

Trace38 Sat 28-Nov-15 20:33:49

I'm in hospital already as I'm high risk and they put me on the monitor earlier but it hasn't picked up any tightenings. I know something is going on though because I'm breathing through regular rolling pains that were much worse than any I had this morning. I'm just disheartened that there isn't any tightening because it's already quite uncomfortable. First baby so I'm completely clueless.

Pollyputhtekettleon Sat 28-Nov-15 20:37:36

Hmm, weird. Then maybe I misunderstand about when 'tightenings' happen. I would assuming that there are tightenings with every Braxton hicks/false labour contraction/real labour contraction. It is going to be very hard to do but try to relax and distance yourself from all the hospital crap and monitoring etc. First labours can really take some time but with your waters having gone, they will be inducing you anyway after 24hrs I think it is. Don't be disheartened, your baby will be here very very soon. Focus on relaxing and looking forward to meeting them, there really is no rush.

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