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Antenatal gym consultation

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mackinnonka Fri 27-Nov-15 15:14:09

Thought I would drop a note to suggest to any gym goers who are pregnant to find out if any of the personal trainers offer ante-natal consultations. I was at one of my usual gym classes and mentioned to the instructor that I was in first trimester and he asked if I had been for a consultation to which I said no, so he booked me in and it was free!

I went today, really wasn’t feeling it as today was probably my most nauseous day yet, but made myself go anyway and felt so much better afterwards. He cleared up any taboos about what works and what doesn’t, assessed my current routine, showed me some exercises that are ‘all rounders’ for antenatal support etc and gave me a nutrition sheet of information etc.

The basic gist of it is not to do anything that raises your core temperature too quickly or for long periods of time (as baby cannot disperse/regulate the heat) and to avoid certain trunk movements. I’m sure advice will vary though.

He also noted that on training days carbs are a must, and that immediately after training some carbs/sugar are good to avoid any blood pressure drops (he suggested keeping some ‘emergency’ wine gums or fat coke in my gym bag…I think I can manage that grin)

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