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Antenatal Classes?

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brookeberry Fri 27-Nov-15 15:12:54

I'm 20 weeks and this is my first DC, so I'm effectively clueless. Does everyone recommend antenatal classes, in particular NCT classes? I looked within my area (within 30 miles) and I think they're all booked up already! What would be a good alternative and are they worth doing anyway? Thanks smile

BexusSugarush Fri 27-Nov-15 15:38:07

Highly recommend antenatal classes, even just the free NHS ones. At 20 weeks you still have quite a way to go before you really need to go to the classes, but it wouldn't hurt to book in advance.

cloudjumper Fri 27-Nov-15 16:05:37

Really recommend the NCT classes - there is a class finder on their website, you should be able to book at this point.
I found them so useful because they really make an effort to include the fathers as well. And the support network that you get through the people you meet on the course is invaluable - 5 years on, and we still go on holiday together with some of the couples we met!
I didn't find the NHS ones very good, but I think it really varies between areas. Mine was too cramped and allowed very little time for questions or interactions with the other attendants.

brookeberry Fri 27-Nov-15 16:59:13

Thanks bexus and cloud. It's great to have the recommendation. I have heard great things about NCT classes, about the friendships that can form etc (that's amazing cloud!). I'll try get them booked up if there are spaces left (not until February, but I think they fill up fast). Thanks

Oysterbabe Fri 27-Nov-15 18:13:42

I'm doing NCT now and they're really good. We've already arranged a group lunch, everyone is keen to build a support network. I booked mine when I was 12 weeks as they fill fast.

toohardtothinkofaname Fri 27-Nov-15 19:39:50

Word of caution for anyone with low lying placenta; don't bother with Daisy pregnancy yoga. They promised they'd adapt positions for me & I spent £56 to stay on my hands and knees for an hour...hmm

MrsCrimshaw Fri 27-Nov-15 20:34:50

I didn't do NCT (too pricey) but I did the NHS ones in my area and met some nice people. I went to a breastfeeding info thing yesterday and made some more friends with similar due dates.

Brummiegirl15 Fri 27-Nov-15 20:36:58

I'm doing NCT. Really enjoying it so defo worth looking at them if you can

Jibberjabberjooo Fri 27-Nov-15 20:56:37

I enjoyed Nct, it's not cheap but great for meeting people.

AlfieandAnnieRose Sat 28-Nov-15 04:15:20

I'm quite interested in joining my local NCT classes as a way of meeting other pregnant mums but my partner wouldn't be able to come with me. Do most women bring the father of the baby with them? I don't want to be the only one on my own!

cloudjumper Sat 28-Nov-15 05:07:19

There are often single women on the NCT courses, I know a few who went on their own.

Oysterbabe Sat 28-Nov-15 05:58:15

Everyone at mine comes with their partner but don't let it put you off. Everyone is very friendly and I'm sure you'd be made to feel welcome.

Junosmum Sat 28-Nov-15 08:21:49

Just been to my first nct class last night. It was great, everyone really friendly and the teacher was really well informed and patient. One lady was there with her mum but will be coming alone for the rest, didn't seem weird at all.

brookeberry Sat 28-Nov-15 09:44:31

Thanks all, I better get booking! I have my 20 week scan on Tues and I'm feeling a little on hold until then. Everything feels fine, I just find it so hard to believe until I see the wee one with my own eyes!

AlfieandAnnie my friend didn't have a partner and it was she who recommended the NCT classes to me - yes there are a lot of partners there, but it didn't matter and she has had a support network right the way through and new friends that she still sees 5 years on smile

Ughnotagain Sat 28-Nov-15 09:53:38

We didn't do NCT. Couldn't really justify the cost tbh.

We had one (one!) NHS antenatal class which lasted less than two hours (by the time we got started, and factoring in the tea break). I felt unwell and had to step out of the room to get some air so missed all the bit about early signs of labour and pain relief. Helpful!

The way I look at it, there's two strands to preparing for birth: you need to know the practicalities - where you need to go, what point to call the hospital, what your options might be in terms of pain relief etc - and it's also good to prepare yourself mentally.

I started going to pregnancy yoga and listening to a hypnobirthing cd at home, which I found helpful. I also read Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth (well, most of it). In hindsight I think I didn't prepare myself fully for just quite how much labour would hurt - but aside from that I don't think I did too badly.

Tl;dr - don't do classes if you don't want to; you can prepare yourself if you like!

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