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High Blood Sugar Reading

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Rabbiting0n Fri 27-Nov-15 14:42:35

My GP phoned me today after my booking bloods (I'm about 9 weeks) and told me I have to go to hospital for a glucose tolerate test because my booking bloods came back with a blood sugar level of 13.2. She asked if there is family history of diabetes, and my mother and grandmother both have type 2, but they are obese and I am only 8 stone. I am under thirty and this is my second pregnancy; the blood sugar being normal in my first one. I had my bloods taken in the morning, so I had toast not much more than an hour before hand. I've also started drinking flavoured sparking water which contains sugar, because I feel constantly sick and cannot eat a great deal. It leaves me feeling very dizzy so I started drinking the sugary drink which helps me to feel a little better. Do you think it is just the sugary drink or is my reading too high for that?

When I called the hospital the lady I spoke to seemed very surprised by my reading and said I'd need to go in early next week because it was "so high". Is it that high? Could one sugary drink do that?

I'm freaking myself out because I Googled gestational diabetes and see that some people believe it can cause birth defects, but that as GD isn't usually a problem until later 2nd or 3rd trimester, when the foetus is well-formed, it's not often a problem. Obviously, I'm in my first trimester. I'm also concerned because I take a medication which increases the risk of birth defects anyway.

Have other people had a high reading at their booking bloods and then a normal glucose challenge? Can a drink affect for blood sugar that much? I know I'll have tests next week, but I don't want to worry unnecessarily for the next four or five days if it is quite common to get a high reading not long after breakfast. Thanks!

spnfan Fri 27-Nov-15 14:47:19

I don't know about blood sugar levels but my sugar levels had peaked in my urine after drinking a can of apple tango with dinner as a treat.

I had to take the mornings urine to my next mw appt and had a glucose reading of 2++!

I've steered clear of fizzy drinks since & not had an issue. Xx

Givinguph0pe Fri 27-Nov-15 14:47:52

I'm a type 1 but I would say that unfortunately a reading of 13 would be indicative of diabetes. Normally people experience a slight rise after eating but not above around 7.
A reading of 13 suggests that either you aren't making enough insulin or experiencing insulin resistance. It's not steroids you are taking is it as they increase insulin resistance also.

It's been picked up early so hopefully you can start taking medication and everything will be fine.

CarShare Fri 27-Nov-15 16:09:20

I just had my GTT results and they are looking for a reading of below 7 (or 7 point something) two hours after the sugar solution is ingested. Did you drink a huge volume of the sugary drink just before the blood test was taken?

Have you had any symptoms- weight loss, excessive thirst or urination?

FoggyMorn Fri 27-Nov-15 16:40:54

Any random blood sugar of over 11 is diagnostic of diabetes, 13.2 is high and it doesn't matter what you were eating beforehand- your blood sugar should never really be above about 8 thereabouts if your insulin response is normal, even after very sugary meals.

Further testing will just confirm the diagnosis (there is always a tiny chance that the first test was a wrong result for some reason).

This may be gestational diabetes, or it may be actual diabetes (it can be picked up in pregnancy for the first time because they are testing for it), being young and slim unfortunately doesn't mean you can't develop it. At 9 weeks pregnant, I suspect this is Diabetes, not Gestational diabetes and it's really important for your baby to get your BS under control as soon as you can.

I had it myself during one pregnancy (but not subsequent ones as I changed my diet), and I did a lot of reading into it- I was fairly horrified that the future risks of developing T2d are not discussed with women with gestational diabetes AT ALL in my area, which means women are not being given the chance to avoid or delay developing T2D.

Rabbiting0n Fri 27-Nov-15 20:30:48

I have lost 1-1.5 kg in the past month, but I haven't been eating very much because I have constant nausea and often feel dizzy and need to lie down. I've not been drinking much because even water makes me feel ill, so I've not been using the bathroom often, either. The week before I had ketones in my urine at a midwife appointment. She told me I probably had low blood sugar from not being able to eat much. This week - one week later - it is really high, even though I've not been able to eat much (but what I have eaten is mostly carbs, and I know there's sugar in that).

I take epilepsy drugs and have just looked into that and some people seem to claim it can affect their blood sugar. I've never felt unwell or had any obvious diabetic symptoms before this second pregnancy though.

LumpySpaceCow Fri 27-Nov-15 21:35:07

I think Foggy's advice/information is spot on. Regardless of what you have eaten, your blood sugar should not be that high. There is a slight possibility that the reading is an error (it does happen) but you won't know until you go and have more bloods.
And I have never had a glucose sample taken at booking, only when having gtt.

t1mum Fri 27-Nov-15 21:39:43

When is your GTT?

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