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Yucky pregnancy skin ....

(7 Posts)
MissN92 Fri 27-Nov-15 11:58:54

Does anyone have any tips for handling crazy pregnancy skin; my face, shoulders and back keep flaring up in the angriest of spots! My skin before pregnancy was sensitive, but not full of pimples! I have been using gentle soaps and witch hazel so far but nothing is helping! Any tips?
Its starting to get me down!

Everythinggettingbigger Fri 27-Nov-15 12:24:17

Sorry no tips here but just letting you now you aren't alone! my skin has been awful since being pregnant, and I have really dry skin/eczema under my eyes which is making my already dark circles (5 yo who has never slept through the night blush) look like I literally have black eyes sad

I would like to know when the "glow" is going to happen grin

Mombino Sat 28-Nov-15 16:51:30

I've got nothing useful to say either, just stuck with the same problem myself. I thought we were supposed to be glowing and radiant with luscious locks? I feel cheated!

Right now I'm heavily reliant on a good concealer. None of my skin stuff has helped so that's all we can really do I suppose.

Everythinggettingbigger Mon 30-Nov-15 11:15:58

my usually skin stuff is making my skin even more dry......bring on the glow! hair nice and soft today though grin

applesvpears Mon 30-Nov-15 13:57:57

I went to the doctors this morning because my skin is so bad. It's not good for confidence but mainly it is painful and I had an embarrassing moment in a meeting when one delightful spot decided to start bleeding. My GP said he can't prescribe anything and even the creams are no known whether it will affect the pregnancy etc. So he basically said try different products (clearisil etc) someone else told me sudocrem is suppose to help, so I might try that.

glitterbomb80 Mon 30-Nov-15 17:51:16

I've been using a Lumie Clearlight since about week 19, when I broke out in hideous hormonal spots - it's totally safe for pregnancy and now at 31 weeks my skin is crystal clear. Can't recommend highly enough.

Ellie1986 Tue 01-Dec-15 08:35:48

Me too! Was at end of my tether at the weekend so tried a couple of things that (touch wood, fingers crossed) seem to have improved things. Neal's yard exfoliating facial scrub (really pricey but full of natural ingredients so no nasties in there). Used that once every couple of days.

Then juice of a lemon - applying it with cotton wool to affected skin, leaving it to dry for 5 mins, washing off with only cold water. Then applied very light moisturiser about 20 mins after.

I'm usually a slap on all the facial washes with all the chemicals in girl, but I was desperate. Skin seems much better already. Doubt I would do the lemon thing in the summer with wasps everywhere!

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