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Citalopram when pregnant

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Pleasehelpmee Fri 27-Nov-15 08:07:54

I've just started treatment for PND and found out I am 5 weeks pregnant.

They have put me on 10mg of citalopram. Is anyone else on this? Are there any nasty side effects? Effects on baby?

I remember I took this years ago and put on 3 stone... Yay.

jellyjiggles Fri 27-Nov-15 08:27:01

I've been on it. For me the symptoms of my depression got worse for a few days in first few weeks. Spiked around day 10-14. Took 14 days plus to see any real improvement and 6 weeks for them to really settle in.

I has sickness but got anti sickness tablets for first few weeks and I passed.

Yes to weight gain but that's for many reasons. I found they increased my appetite and stopped me feeling full. I have to reduce what I eat otherwise I put weight on.

Don't drink alcohol on them. The day after I've had the smallest of drink I could sit in a corner and cry all day.

They do work. I do feel better.

Sheep2345 Fri 27-Nov-15 08:53:10


I was on 20mg Citalopram throughout my pregnancy and have a wonderful DD who is 2.5.
If you speak to your doctor, they will be able to explain some of the very small % increases of certain issues during pregnancy.
For me, the risk of me being poorly from now being in tablets was bigger than the tiny increase in medical risks.

I hope this helps, and congratulations on your pregnancy xx

brookeberry Fri 27-Nov-15 10:17:51

I was told it's perfectly safe to be on citalopram while pregnant - and 10mg is a very low dose. Do bear with it - it can make you feel a little worse before it makes you feel better - and if you still feel bad, the doctor can up the dose a little. It really does work.

KatyN Fri 27-Nov-15 12:16:13

I took it all thought my pregnancy with my now 4 year old son. This time I switched mid way through as it wasn't helping enough.
I've taken up to 40mg a day.


ElphabaTheGreen Fri 27-Nov-15 12:20:37

I was on 20mg per day throughout both pregnancies with no problems at all. It was agreed that the risk of depression to my babies was far greater than the minuscule risk of not-entirely-proven cardiac defects.

Kpo58 Sat 28-Nov-15 22:26:26

I've had Citalopram for depression when I wasn't pregnant, but had to switch as it just made me feel worse. So if you find it isn't helping you I suggest telling your doctor sooner than later.

edwardcullensotherwoman Sun 29-Nov-15 13:46:56

I was on citalopram 10mg in my last 2 pregnancies, and currently. Same as a pp, the risk to everyone from me being unwell imo was far greater than tiny medical risk. Both girls were a bit jittery for a day or so following birth, which is apparently a side effect, but docs weren't concerned and there's no effect now - theyre 3.5 and 1.

Stick with it - they will help - and try not to worry about it. I was initially prescribed it for antenatal

CalypsoLilt Mon 30-Nov-15 05:16:41

Currently 29 weeks pregnant and have been on 10mg throughout (was on 20mg before pregnancy). Baby measures perfectly and all scans show healthy baby smile

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