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natural ways to encourage labour?

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GeorgiaT2468 Thu 26-Nov-15 17:16:53

Hi all I am 38+1 weeks pregnant and I'm guessing like many pregnant mums Iv now had enough and can't wait for my babba to be here.

Iv stressed to my midwife and consultant how much discomfort I'm in with several things and how my quality of life has dropped these past few weeks but they won't consider induction at this point.

It's fine they are the professionals but I was wondering if there were any ways I could help encourage labour at all?

Iv had a repeated ear infection my whole pregnancy that they now officially cannot treat due to medication being unsafe for pregnant women. My ear and face is so swollen and I'm in agony.

I have developed hemeroids which are now the size of a large Apple coming out of me (I'm so sorry for that info) but I can't sit, stand, lay, use the toilet or anything without being in complete agony, they bleed and when I use the toilet I cannot stand the pain or the fact I cannot wipe myself after and have to shower after every toilet use. Which is more than frequent due to the lactulouse I'm on to keep my stools soft ect. Iv not felt pain like it and trying to walk, so school runs or housework is hell.

I have pelvic displacia and can bearly walk with that either.

My back and groin is throbbing and I'm beginning to hunch over when I walk and I just cry cry cry cry all bloody day and night, I'm not sleeping and feel sick constantly with the pain.

I have two other children 2.5 and 5.5 who I basically look after alone due to my partners working hours. We cannot afford for him to be off to help me because we strictly will not survive financially!

I feel low and isolated and to be honest really has enough.

I want to play with the kids and get my housework done at least but I just end up in a ball on the sofa.

Not to mention I'm absolutely massive to the point where my stretch marks are splitting!!

Please could anyone share some advice for me?

Baby's size is fine, baby is healthy and in the right position, I'm healthy and have no medical concerns in that respect. But consultant and midwife say you will be fine it will soon come around.

I have begged and sobbed but no they won't budge.


VinylScratch Thu 26-Nov-15 17:31:58

Drinking raspberry leaf tea and gentle bouncing on a gym ball is what I did, went into labour at 39+4 but maybe that would have happened anyway, who knows but it won't do any harm.

GeorgiaT2468 Thu 26-Nov-15 17:36:36

Thank you il try that, sending my partner to tesco when he get home to get me supply's. Iv not got anymore ball but I do have a space hopper lol xx

putthePuffindown Thu 26-Nov-15 19:30:04

yy to Raspberry leaf tea (2 cups/day), but it's quite hard to get - Twinings do one with rosehip, but after the I couldn't get more and resorted to drying leaves from hedgerows (this was about 4 weeks ago so not sure if still possible )

Dates are another one to try (6 dried dates/day)

GeorgiaT2468 Thu 26-Nov-15 20:14:33

Pooh sounds promising thank you. I love dates!! Il grab some too.. Just had a hot chilli and a tin of pineapple too as I read online this may help lol xx

Brummiegirl15 Thu 26-Nov-15 21:54:01

You can buy Clipper Raspberry leaf tea from large Tesco stores,

Good luck!!!

TreeSparrow Thu 26-Nov-15 22:24:05

Holland and Barrett do it too. Good luck!

GeorgiaT2468 Thu 26-Nov-15 23:10:39

Brill thank you. Hopefully it will help me xxxx

WorzelsCornyBrows Thu 26-Nov-15 23:21:19

Sex. Sperm is full of prostaglandins, which is what is used in inductions.

Obviously it's not pleasant especially if you have SPD, but if you can find a position where you don't have to spread your legs it can help. I did this with both mine. DH wasn't keen because he knew I only wanted to do it for one reason, and he knew I'd be uncomfortable, but I told him he was partly responsible for the baby being there, so he could take some responsibility for getting it out blush

brokencrayons Fri 27-Nov-15 02:33:03

I'm 40 + 4 with my 3rd baby and I've given up on natural induction methods. I think they're a waste of my precious energy at this stage and to be honest I need rest more than anything!

jamtartandcustard Fri 27-Nov-15 10:10:41

Sex. As pp said semen contains the same hormones that they use in the gel to induce.
Raspberry leaf tea and birth ball will do no harm and will certainly help whilst in labour but they won't really induce it. The only thing that worked for me was a sweep. Ask (demand) your midwife for one at next appointment

Baconyum Fri 27-Nov-15 10:18:51

Clary sage or rose aromatherapy oils.

Curry - especially cardomom and coriander.

Rachel1406 Fri 27-Nov-15 13:40:00

Pineapple. Kiwi fruit and papaya are supposed to help as well to soften the cervix, should all be fresh

cloudjumper Fri 27-Nov-15 15:00:07

Poor you, that sounds awful! Not sure about remedies to try and get labour going (nothing worked for me), but surely you should go to the GP to get your health issues addressed? They can't leave you with an ongoing infection, that is a risk to both you and the baby. Piles can be treated, and do ask them for something else than lactulose, which is really not great at all (I can recommend laxido, senna tablets and glycerine suppositories, all of which my GP prescribed me in this pregnancy).
Would a support belt help with the pelvis issues? Can they give you physiotherapy?
You really shouldn't have to suffer like that - if you are this exhausted now, surely that won't help once you do go into labour!

ChicaMomma Fri 27-Nov-15 15:06:46

Orgasms. Lots of. Probably too much hassle/pain to actually have sex at this stage, so easiest way is to get out YouPorn and have a bit of fun with yourself- repeatedly over the course of a few days. The orgasming will start to get your cervix ready to dilate. Worked for me, and also my sister. Worth a try!!

GeorgiaT2468 Fri 27-Nov-15 15:28:02

Lots of bits to try.. You should see my shopping list lol.. Sex was difficult, awkward and uncomfortable but did it last night, he was amazed I wanted him near me lol bless him! I'm not a self touching person however prudish that may sound, I don't like it plus wouldn't have the time lol.

They aren't prepared to give me anything apart from lactulouse due to risk of dehydration and according to them lactulouse goes straight through the mother and doesn't touch the baby but others laxatives do, they said other laxatives increases risk of baby pooing inside me during labour if I have complications of baby getting stuck again. Plus it's the most effective to help loosen stools especially because Iv got low iron that's hard to stabilise and causing more constipation.

I had two sessions of physio and after both I couldn't walk for 3 days and pulled muscles around the area so they won't do any more.

Hemeroids Iv got creams, suppositories, I bathe in salt water as advised and use ice packs. Iv done this for weeks but nothing is working and they said persist with it and the only way they will go is after Iv given birth.

Ear infection- Iv had swabs done and they have narrowed the type of infection Iv got that it can be treated with only two types of anti biotics both of which can't be given in pregnancy. Just given me soothing drops which do not help and now the infection has spread to my face and neck, had swabs again today and nearly jumped out of the chair.

Iv rang consultant and midwife and pleased and they said keep persisting for a bit longer til he's born. I ended up shouting at them today. Consultants a man and midwife don't have kids so I'm pretty much like you have no idea how I'm feeling. Iv had enough of their lack of support!!

It's an excuse for everything I ask for almost.

If I hear just persist and take paracetamol one more time I'm going to flip angry but that's all I get. Or one midwife said well it's all part of pregnancy I'm afraid!!


GeorgiaT2468 Fri 27-Nov-15 15:29:49

Oh and they will only give me a tiny grip to support but like Iv told them and so has my GP a million times 1. It doesn't help and also I'm allergic to the material. I bought one myself but it restricts any movement I can make and gives me stomach ache. Can't win!! Xx

ChicaMomma Fri 27-Nov-15 16:16:34

Jesus, it's actually inhumane what they are putting you through- but either way the end is in sight (i'm sure you're so sick of hearing that!!)
best of luck and fingers crossed it all kicks off for you soon.

GeorgiaT2468 Fri 27-Nov-15 17:23:02

That's what's keeping me going that the end is near, I'm so glad about that. At least Iv not got months ahead of me. Even if I'm over due I still have less than a month left of this lol xx

Thank you very much xx

Oysterbabe Fri 27-Nov-15 18:02:42

Tinned pineapple won't work as the enzyme will have broken down. It must be fresh and eat the core too.
My nct teacher said that the one thing that has been proven to work is simulating your nipples.

GeorgiaT2468 Fri 27-Nov-15 18:26:21

Ok fresh it is.. Glad the shop near me only had one til left lol as I went with the intention of buying loads lol!!

Lots of people said about nipple stimulation, many have tried it but I can't help but be so uncomfortable with doing it confused it makes me cringe for some reason. I can't bear my partner to either because the feeling instantly angers me lol xx

GeorgiaT2468 Fri 27-Nov-15 19:26:09

Well I had a brain wave..

I phoned the ENT (ears, nose and throat) clinic..

Explained my dilemma and asked for advice.

Not only have they contacted my doctor and put in place they refer me to them because of my repeated ear issues but also advised my doctor on medication and my doctor has now left out a safe prescription of medication I can take during the rest of my pregnancy/and/or until I'm better from it. smile so relieved I sobbed down the phone to the ENT, finally I can get this pain gone. It's two days away til I can get to it but I can cope til Monday morning!!


cloudjumper Sat 28-Nov-15 05:12:35

Great that you are getting some help for the infection!

Don't bother with the pineapple, that's a myth. To get enough of the labour-inducing agent, you'd have to eat about 10 pineapples! And by the time you'd eaten the last one, your body would have already metabolised the ingredient in the first ones, so you'd never get enough into your system.

GeorgiaT2468 Tue 01-Dec-15 14:22:35

They may induce me at the end of next week they said.. Depends on my scan next week xx

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