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Exercise DVD recommendation

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Helgathehairy Thu 26-Nov-15 15:31:23

I'd love to start doing a bit more exercise but not sure what's safe in pregnancy.

I was doing the shred DVD but not sure if that's ok?? I walk a bit but the weather has been AWFUL and it's really hard to get out. Last time I was pregnant I walked lots but the weather wasn't as bad.

I'm only in my first trimester.

AKP79 Thu 26-Nov-15 18:25:43

Last pregnancy I bought and used the Davina pregnancy DVD. This time round I'm planning to switch work outs to spinning which apparently are fine as long as I stay in the seat... Only 6 weeks but panicking about weight gain. I put on weight just looking at food!

Helgathehairy Thu 26-Nov-15 20:36:04

AKP I'll look for that dvd. I start feeling sick if I get too hungry so end up snacking a lot.

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