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Pregnancy symptoms after period--what's happening??

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luhunnie Thu 26-Nov-15 14:43:24

Hi all! I'd really appreciate your input! I'm in Korea now, and any obgyn visits or tests are super expensive. I need to know if I should request a pregnancy blood test (which runs nearly $100 here!).

I started my period a week early this month, which has NEVER happened. It was very odd and I had cramps the whole 6 days instead of the first 2 days like usual. Then the cramps didn't stop! I've been to two doctors and they say it's just a weird cycle caused by stress...

But now I'm starting to feel the same symptoms as my last pregnancy: fatigue, sore breasts, frequent urination, and what feels like morning sickness (vomiting once a day and nausea throughout).

Ive taken 3 hpt over the last two weeks, the most recent tonight, all negative. It seems so unlikely, but...what do you think? If my last period wasn't a real "period," I'd be 6 weeks.

TL;DR Has anyone ever been pregnant after a full on period? Should I bite the bullet and get a blood test? Thanks!!

luhunnie Thu 26-Nov-15 14:46:59

Also, the docs did an ultrasound and didn't find anything. That would have been at 4-5 weeks. would any evidence show up that early?

eggsnbeans Thu 26-Nov-15 14:58:09

Yes full on super tampon needing period, bfp 2 weeks later. Only tested as I was getting early positive ovulation tests which was odd! Now 31w.
Wouldn't see anything on scan until 5ish weeks, usually say when hcg is over 2000ish.

I personally would wait it out another week or so before doing bloods if they are that expensive, but we are pretty broke! Not going to change anything of course, but might give you clearer answer if it's a bit marginal

luhunnie Thu 26-Nov-15 15:05:32

I'm so broke! Wow, BFP 2 weeks later! Congrats! ^^ Did you go into the doctor beforehand? They seem so sure it can't be pregnancy, but they haven't actually tested.

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