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Positive EVC story.

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HalloweenDuck Thu 26-Nov-15 13:58:56

I just wanted to post a positive experience of my EVC yesterday.

I have measured large since the start so had extra growth scans.
It was picked up on these that the baby was in a breech/ transverse position.
Because I really really do not want a c section, it was agreed that the consultant herself would scan me yesterday to discuss if turning the baby was possible.
I was 37+ 5 and baby is estimated at 9lbs and I have extra fluid.
When she scanned me she told me the head was under my right rib, tucked towards the back, the spine was upward into my ribcage, the bottom on the left side and the legs dangling down into my pelvis.
She then announced that she felt she could have a go at EVC turning.
( had to read my the legal side of risks etc but followed it by her personal outcomes which was 80% success and no c sections needed as emergency from turning)
I felt happy with those odds and she proceeded right away.
She calmly explained how she would touch me, and where the pressure would be. We agreed that if I moaned etc she would carry on, but stop immediately if I said " Stop"
When she started I was told to breath deeply and keep talking to my mum, It felt uncomfortable but not unbearable.
In under 5 mins and with one moan from me, she stepped back and told me she had succeeded!
She pushed down on the top of my bump while she sat the bed up and asked me to stay there for 5 minutes.
I was then put on a trace for 30mins and apart from a few Braxton hicks everything was perfect.
We are hoping that it stays headdown (getting checked again tomorrow)
and induction planned for Monday if all ok.
I know there is a lot of negative stories about them so wanted to give my side of the story.

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