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Hospital bag - Essential items only!

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Pollyputhtekettleon Thu 26-Nov-15 10:24:27

I'm 39 weeks and DH is getting antsy that I haven't packed my bag yet. Its our 3rd so I'm fairly lax. I do need to get it packed though and can't think straight about what I REALLY need. I don't want to bring the kitchen sink. But have I forgotten anything really important from the below list or is that enough? I'm happy for DH to go get stuff later if it ends up more than one night.

- Nightdress to deliver in
- Easy front opening nightdress (post delivery)
- Spare pajamas (back up)
- 3 x pants, 2 x socks, 2 x nursing bra
- Maternity pads and breast pads
- Mini shampoo and conditioner
- Lipbalm
- Phone & Charger
- Change of clothes to go home in

- 2 babygros
- 2 vests
- nappies
- wipes
- Cardigan and hat to go home
- Car seat will be in the car

Anything else? I was out in 6hrs last time so might not even be there overnight.

Helenluvsrob Thu 26-Nov-15 10:32:26

Cartons of drinks and snacky food.

CAMERA ( charged up!)

RainWildsGirl Thu 26-Nov-15 10:34:36

I'm 33 weeks with DC4 and just packed my bag! In addition to what you have I have:

Toothbrush/paste - travel size
Hairbrush - have actually stolen toddler DDs as its smaller!
Slippers (but I hate walking bare foot so this may not bother you)
Nipple cream! - i couldn't live without mine when BF! cant remember its proper name -lanosil?!
Pillow (i hate hospital pillows but this will stay in the car until we know if I'm staying in overnight.
Towel - hospital towels are small and scratchy! nice big (dark coloured) fluffy towel please!!
Snacks! - flapjacks and OJ are my treats of choice for post delivery munchies if the hospital kitchen is closed!

I also have a second bag packed with 2 days worth of clothes for me and baby so DH can just grab it to bring in if I'm kept in longer for any reason.

AuntieStella Thu 26-Nov-15 10:40:10

You didn't mention underwear (plenty in case leaks mean changes) but perhaps you took that as read.

Flipflops or similar waterproof easy on/off shoes in case the loo floor is puddled.

Pollyputhtekettleon Thu 26-Nov-15 10:47:45

Thanks girls. Yes definitely flip flops, toothbrush, hairbands and towel. And snacks! I remember being starving which us fine in daytime but not at night. (I have undies in the list but called them pants! ).

AuntieStella Thu 26-Nov-15 12:21:26

So you did! No idea how I missed that.

I can read, honest!

jamtartandcustard Thu 26-Nov-15 12:54:26

Shower gel and sponge? A maybe a plastic bag to stick dirty clothes and wet towels in afterwards.
I only packed mine yesterday and I have to say you have far more then me! Hope you don't have much longer to wait

BuggerLumpsAnnoyed Thu 26-Nov-15 13:56:14

See I've packed more baby clothes and things but I think that's because I had feeding problems with DS and stayed a couple of nights so in my head in packing for a few days. But its silly as the hospital I'm hoping to have the baby in is just up the road so it's not like DH can't pop home. Also I might stay in anyway as its one of those lovely little hospitals (complete opposite to massive city one from before) with a nice quiet unit with own room and everything. Am 40+6 today so hopefully not long!

Pollyputhtekettleon Thu 26-Nov-15 13:56:54

Oh I'm hoping to go over as I'm still working. So 5 days over is my ideal financially! Good call on the plastic bag for dirty, wet, gross things to bring home.

Kaytee1987 Fri 27-Nov-15 13:10:20

Cottonwool, they will advise you not to use wipes on a new born xx

Sunshine511 Fri 27-Nov-15 13:25:05

I needed ridiculous amounts of baby clothes when I had dd1, we were only in for one night but she had swallowed lots of fluid in delivery and was constantly being sick! I would say maybe bring a little more baby clothes, just incase! Good luck flowers

Pollyputhtekettleon Fri 27-Nov-15 15:15:09

Hi Kaytee, I'd be surprised to get such an interfering midwife. But I have always brought waterwipes to the hospital to now. Wasn't going to bother this time as I know when you get home you use whatever is on hand and stupid waterwipes dry out in the pack! I have to laugh though thinking about my first baby and all the cotton wool I had in the bag. I soon gave up trying to get the meconium off my newborns butt with cotton wool and watersmile

LibrariesGaveUsP0wer Fri 27-Nov-15 16:14:26

Sounds like you've been fairly lucky with how shitty and puky your babies are. All three of mine had gone through two sets of clothes in their first two hours of wearing clothes. A few extra vests and babygros in a bag in the car?

Water bottle - they give you those hideous plastic cups if you ask for a drink?

Kaytee1987 Fri 27-Nov-15 20:07:10

I know it seems crazy when there's wipes made specifically for new borns but one of my friends was quite forcefully ordered not to use wipes and she wasn't a first time mum x

poocatcherchampion Fri 27-Nov-15 20:09:13

Ear plugs and eye mask

More snacks
Pen and paper according to my mother so you can write down feeds or lists for other people

Blanket in the car with the car seat

RainWildsGirl Sat 28-Nov-15 09:06:22

Any MW who tried to 'force' me to use cotton wool will get short shrift from me! Even with PFB I realised after one nappy that all it does is make life stupidly difficult!!

I put a bib on DC1 (pukey from swallowing fluid too) so I didn't have to faff with changing clothes every 30 seconds.

LibrariesGaveUsP0wer Sat 28-Nov-15 09:24:46

"forcefully ordered" Jesus, I'd have put in a complaint!

Cotton wool is useless. Just moves the shit around. I actually use those little flannel washable wipes, but if some mw had told me I couldn't use baby wipes I'd have been furious.

Pollyputhtekettleon Sat 28-Nov-15 09:59:12

I think in reality a 'well meaning' mw would bring some cotton wool and say to use it instead and I'd politely give it a shot for a few moments and then go back to my own way when her back was turned. I couldn't imagine a mw telling me what to do in a chastising or ctitical way.

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