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Talk me down from panic, please : 27 weeks with high fever for >24 hours

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HJBeans Wed 25-Nov-15 21:00:48

As it says in the title, really. I'm 27 weeks tomorrow and have had really bad chills since last night.

Took temp this morning and was high, but only mildly so - 37.8 or so I think, and not high at all according to one ear. Have stuffy head, so I think mild cold and go to work. All day I've felt rotten and cold, by nighttime I'm shivering again. Took temp again and now closing on on 38.6 or so.

Have taken paracetomol to get it down, but remember an out of hours doc who said that if pregnant a temp of >38 should be seen immediately. But 1) would feel ridiculous to call NHS24 over something that seems just like a cold and 2) my 2yo DS is just sleeping and I'm on my own tonight, so popping along to any out of hours doc if suggested would be really difficult.

Any words of utter sense I can use to tell my anxiety to fuck off so I can go to sleep?

Iammad Wed 25-Nov-15 21:46:17

What I have read is if you have no cold symptoms with a fever then call your doctor/out of hours.
If your temp is over 39 even with cold symptoms then needs to be seen to asap.

HJBeans Wed 25-Nov-15 22:06:09

Thanks - that's a useful rule of thumb.

I did end up calling nhs24 simply to be able to stop worrying and given cold symptoms they said if it responds to paracetamol, see GP tomorrow. If it doesn't then call back to be seen tonight. It's responding so far - now verrrry hot rather than shaking cold, so that's progress.

RainWildsGirl Thu 26-Nov-15 10:40:17

i would only worry if paracetamol isn't reducing the fever.

it is also worth baring in mind that the 'risk' to baby from most cold/flu medications is much much smaller than the 'risk' to baby from you suffering a prolonged fever - i had swine flu when pregnant with DC1 so i know how scary it feels but don't worry about taking medication if that is what you need to get the fever and illness under control.

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