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Last few weeks! let the symptom spotting fun begin

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Lillylou1991 Wed 25-Nov-15 20:26:02

Seen a few of these posts so thought i'd have a go with you all!

Im 37 weeks now and getting a wee bit impaitent and more than anything else bored. Been off since september due to being very high risk in my last pregnancy (delivered stillborn son at 36 weeks in 2013) so been organised and ready meet my little fella for a while now!!

Been having moments of pure excitement and energy, very quickly followed by the need to curl up and hibernate and eat... eat everything.
Usual uncomfortableness overall and blooming annoying BH mainly in the evening or when im trying to sleep and dont get me started on the toilet dashes at night, my poor DH has the paitents of a saint blush
My bump has really dropped in the past few weeks and my MW says hes been fully engaged and ready to go since 32 weeks which got my hopes up that he might make an early apperance, especially with my strong BH and pelvic/lower back pains.
I havent had any kind of show and obviously no waters (the idea of me getting up to dash to the loo then 'popping' is scary!)

Anyone else want to symptom spot with me for the next few weeks and keep each other entertained till our bundles of joys decide to meet us? gringrin

Picnic2223 Wed 25-Nov-15 20:53:26

I'm so sorry for your previous loss.

I'm 36+4 and getting impatient. I've got light cramps on the right side at the bottom of my bump and I started with raspberry leaf capsules on sat. I rang midwife this morning due to baby being really over active, (head was starting to engage last week but I swear last night it did a whole somersault!)

sherbertlemon17 Wed 25-Nov-15 21:00:23

I'll keep you company! 37+4 today so completely feel how eager you are.

Not too many symptoms for me... Baby looks like it has dropped down this week (I can actually breathe as I no longer have a bum shoved right up under my ribs!), only a couple of BH which feel more like a stitch type pain. Keep having that uncomfortable feeling of coming on mixed with a few lower abdominal cramps. Tbh though, every little thing I'm like hmm

fatandfurious5 Wed 25-Nov-15 21:02:18

Hey. Sorry to hear about your still birth. Can't imagine what the worry must be like. Hope he finds his way out soon for you!

I'm also 37 weeks and feeling like there's no way the baby's coming any time soon. A few aches and pains but nothing of significance. Midwife confirmed baby no longer breech but not at all engaged either last week so it just feels like he'll never get there...

Other than that, just feeling like an arthritic old lady if I sit down for too long, and like I've just run a marathon if I walk for more than half a mile.

They are threatening to induce at due date if blood pressure rises, not sure if I'm hoping they do or he comes naturally if later....

lemon101 Wed 25-Nov-15 21:39:24

Hello! I'm all about the symptom spotting! 38+3 and have been convinced I am about to go into labor for about 2 weeks.

Can feel baby flexing away against my pelvis
Top of my bump all jellyish so he's low!
Shooting pains in my bits.
Low back pain
Braxton Hicks central
Was constipated now just weird - kind of much for frequent but not the fabled 'clear out' yet.

I am really sorry to hear about your stillbirth Lilly, I can't imagine how hard that was. Here's to symptom spotting and counting down the days to better times!

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