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Last few weeks! let the symptom spotting fun begin

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Lillylou1991 Wed 25-Nov-15 20:25:46

Seen a few of these posts so thought i'd have a go with you all!

Im 37 weeks now and getting a wee bit impaitent and more than anything else bored. Been off since september due to being very high risk in my last pregnancy (delivered stillborn son at 36 weeks in 2013) so been organised and ready meet my little fella for a while now!!

Been having moments of pure excitement and energy, very quickly followed by the need to curl up and hibernate and eat... eat everything.
Usual uncomfortableness overall and blooming annoying BH mainly in the evening or when im trying to sleep and dont get me started on the toilet dashes at night, my poor DH has the paitents of a saint blush
My bump has really dropped in the past few weeks and my MW says hes been fully engaged and ready to go since 32 weeks which got my hopes up that he might make an early apperance, especially with my strong BH and pelvic/lower back pains.
I havent had any kind of show and obviously no waters (the idea of me getting up to dash to the loo then 'popping' is scary!)

Anyone else want to symptom spot with me for the next few weeks and keep each other entertained till our bundles of joys decide to meet us? gringrin

ChicaMomma Thu 26-Nov-15 15:10:18

2 days before i went into labour last time i started to get VERY loose bowels- like everything was running through me and i was pooping 5, 6 times a day. They said it's your bodies way of clearing the pipes before labour starts.. so i'll take that as a warning sign if it happens again!

i also lost my plug at 38+2- heard a PLOP in the loo, and there it was, bobbing around the bowl like a buoy in the sea.. MW said average Plug loss to labour was 1 week, and lo and behold i went into labour at 39+2!!

So sorry to hear about your little angel, that must have been a horrific trauma for you. Bet you're very excited about meeting this little guy!!

MrsCrimshaw Thu 26-Nov-15 17:52:08

That all sounds positive, OP! I'll join you - 38+2 here. I've been having really strong bladder pains today and the baby seems to be swimming downwards which is very uncomfortable. I wee'd about 10 times last night. Also been having the loose bowels described by chicamomma. I'm not getting contraction-type pain, just a whole lotta movement down below, which has now been going on for hours. What does this mean? Should we get the car seat out of its packaging?!

Twinwife Thu 26-Nov-15 18:21:02

38+ 2 and can't wait for things to get cracking! DS was born at 39+6 so I am (probably foolishly) expecting this one before 40 weeks.

Last time head was free at 38+4 midwife appointment and that night I was up with horrible pains lasting a few hours then nothing. I think this was head engaging. On the day he was born I had no exciting symptoms , period pains building up in day, no show and waters went when I got in the pool 2 hours before he was born

Lillylou1991 Thu 26-Nov-15 18:30:33

Its a scary time thats for sure but i feel very different to last time so im hopeful all will be well to the end... i really dont want to be induced!

I havent had a 'show' so much but every now and then with my many bathroom rushes i find light pink on the tissue papper (sorry if TMI)

Ooh exciting stuff!! I would consider the carseat, watching my fella practice putting a teddy in the carseat and putting the travel system together was a personal pregnancy hilarious highlight thats for sure.

Little update today grin had a MW appointment this morning and she was very impressed with how low down little guy is and she commented that with my symptoms she doesnt expect me to go past Sunday crosses everything
She sent me off to be monitored just to be safe and the MW there kept asking 'did that tightening hurt?'
They suggested primrose oil so i went and brought myself some today and ill give that a go. It doesnt induce you but helps the war against tears (which i do not like the sound of one bit!!!!!!)

Is anyone else using/used little helpful tricks to either get things going or help with labour?

Pollyputhtekettleon Fri 27-Nov-15 12:24:26

I'm 38+5. Not sure I want to go early. My first was a week early and second a week late. The first was so gripey, miserable, weaker etc. 2nd was solid as a rock. I think the extra time cooking in the oven makes for an easier, more ready baby!

MrsCrimshaw Fri 27-Nov-15 16:23:00

polly weren't you going mad at the waiting with your second? I just want him/her out.

Anyone else vigorously rubbing oil into their bum/perineum? Oh the glamour of it all.

Pollyputhtekettleon Fri 27-Nov-15 21:23:09

No, not going mad. I don't really bond brilliantly with my pregnancies so don't have the excitement about the baby coming others seem to have, until it arrives and then I'm delighted.

I also don't do anything like perineum massage, eating curry, drinking raspberry leaf or bouncing on balls because I think it gives a false sense of control over something we really don't get to decide! It stops me obsessing!

Finally I assume pregnancy is 42 weeks rather than focusing on full term being 37 weeks. That also helps me stop getting totally fed up.

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