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Early pregnancy notes! I'm scared!

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RachaelLaurenDaisyStone Wed 25-Nov-15 17:46:30

I have some terms I can't get to grips with! Including a note saying that ectopic pregnancy has not been excluded😢 Google says these types of reports should be a thing if the past so I'm confused?! It also says that the pouch of Douglas appearence is anechoic. What is this!? My left ovary contains a cyst: simple. Wtf does simple mean?! I've just been left with so many questions and I'm scared!!!

seven201 Wed 25-Nov-15 17:50:37

I have no idea what it means but I don't think you need to worry. They presumably can't rule out ectopic until the first scan so the rest is probably similar. I have a fibroid but I have no idea what that is either but they said it doesn't matter, so I'm just not going to worry. I'm sure someone will be along who actually knows the answer as I'm just rambling and probably not helping. Try not to worry though. You could just ring and ask? I haven't even read the notes from my booking in appt and now feel a bit foolish!

Kr1stina Wed 25-Nov-15 17:55:40

Don't panic ! If it was anything bad they would have told you , not just put it in your notes .

the only bit I know about is the cyst on the ovary because I had that too. Apparently they are very common, lots of women have them but don't find out unless they have a scan or they get big and cause problems . Usually they are just tiny, a few cm . I think they are a sack filled with fluid because some times they burst . It's nothing bad like a tumour or cancer , if that's what you are thinking .

Don't worry, someone will be along soon with more information about the other things .

Battleshiphips2 Wed 25-Nov-15 18:03:54

How many weeks are you? I am assuming you've had an ultrasound as I'm pretty sure anechoic is to do with fluid showing up on an ultrasound. I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong. Did you have gynaecological problems before pregnancy?

helloelo Wed 25-Nov-15 18:17:25

How many weeks are you?
Anechoic means there's fluid in the pouch of Douglas. When there's an intrauterine pg, it doesn't mean anything and is seen in about 15% of iut pg without being relevant to the outcome of the pg. So it's not an issue.
Did they show you a gestational sac? How big? Was there a fetal pole in it? (Not before 7w)
Fluid in the sac is sometimes seen in ectopic pg BUT they would have seen other wrong things too. My best guess, they wrote that to cover their ass.
Ovarian cyst at that stage is very very common.

ffauxlivia Wed 25-Nov-15 18:25:44

How far along are you?

The pouch of douglas is the area between your uterus and your bowels - so it sounds like there is maybe a bit of fluid there. I'm not sure that affects pregnancy at all but I assume your doctors would have brought it up if there was anything that needed doing - pregnancy causes many weird things to happen so maybe its really common and they don't even tell us as its meaningless? I have endometriosis on my pouch of douglas but I don't think presents itself as fluid. Anyway it didn't affect my pregnancy. However I'm not a doctor so maybe someone else with knowledge can help!

I had a cyst on my ovary as soon as I got pregnant - its' very common and usually goes away by 12 weeks. There is always a small cyst from the corpus luteum (which forms when an egg is released) and sometimes in pregnancy it just grows for the first few weeks. It's also common if you took clomid to conceive. I also have a fibroid on my uterus caused by pregnancy! Again nothing to worry about.

As for not ruling out ectopic pregnancy, maybe you are just too early that they couldn't see where the baby was for sure? So hopefully a second scan soon will rule it out for you - maybe they just have to put that down until they've seen everything more closely. What did you see on the scan - what did they tell you?

I would call the doctors though to discuss everything if you are worried. Good luck OP

RachaelLaurenDaisyStone Thu 26-Nov-15 10:39:50

Thanks everyone! I'm only 4 weeks and I've had lots of trouble conceiving so was really worried! Hence why I went for a scan so early! I also called 111 before I saw these responses so I feel much better after all your support and the phone call! X

BexusSugarush Thu 26-Nov-15 10:57:07

As has already been said, if the midwife did not talk these notes through with you, then she is not overly worried; they are required to discuss with you any problems. Consider it like this: those notes will ensure you get more thorough care than usual, just incase.

helloelo Thu 26-Nov-15 12:07:15

Ok, 4 weeks, you can't see anything on a scan, in the uterus or in the tubes, you need to wait at least until 5 weeks for the sac to show up. So nothing worrying in your notes. Good luck!

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