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31 weeks and terrible back pain

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anneliandbetsy Tue 24-Nov-15 16:25:16

I'm 30 & 31 weeks pregnant with first baby and started with bad lower back pain on Sunday whilst walking my dog. It's gotten much worse, in combination with loose bowels, and some nausea. I went to triage and spent yesterday there. Baby was monitored and no problems. Had an internal to check it wasn't early labour and everything seems ok. Doctor told me I'm overdoing it. I'm a therapist in a busy hospital, and I'm mid way through a masters module at uni, on top of other activities but I like to keep busy and active. I don't finish work until the 11/12 currently off sick but don't really want to start maternity early due to finances. Anyway just wondering if any one has had similar experiences? I'm finding being limited to rest frustrating and worrying it won't get better before my due date! blush

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