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Sunita2016 Mon 23-Nov-15 15:25:46


I am in my 13 weeks and last night had severe lower abdominal pain. Initially I thought it could be gas, but it lasted whole night. Morning I saw my OB who detected fibroid that caused the pain. She gave buscopan but I m still having severe pain. I m also worried if it will affect my child. Pain is terrible -don't know how long it will last sad


Cheshirehello79 Tue 24-Nov-15 02:35:15

Have you had your 12 week scan? I've had 2 through out I'm pregnancy I'm now 38+6 weeks pregnant. Firstly they will tell you were they are positioned and monitor if try are growing or not so on your 20 weeks scan they will monitor them again and you might get further scans it depends on your consultant.

In regards to affecting the baby - they won't - neither affect baby's growth too but your fibroids positioning might affect when it comes to giving birth as if they do grow and cover your cervix you might be looking at c- section additionally, during pregnancy you might bleed.

Not every case is the same - I would recommend you speak to your midwife and ask as many questions as you can.

Good luck

Sunita2016 Wed 25-Nov-15 18:41:53

Thanks Cheshirehello79 for your response. They admitted me in the hospital and did another scan and found out that there is another one measuring 6x5cm near the lower cervix - pain hasn't gone and it's terrible - they have given me only panadols I.e paraceutimal as a pain reliever. I m back home with no effect- doc said nothing can be done and I will have to bear the pain till delivery - my lower back is hurting badly too. I m so worried and m not sure if I m getting proper medical care.


KatyN Wed 25-Nov-15 21:24:03

I had fibroids in my first pregnancy but they had gone (??) this time. I was scanned later to check they weren't in the way for delivery. I also had to have the injection to remove my placenta. Afterwards when the mw was checking my womb had shrunk she was concerned that my fibroid was big. A passing doctor said it was fine.

So I'm not really sure how your fibroids could be causing so much pain and why they are going to leave you in this much pain for 27 weeks. I would be tempted to go back for a second opinion
Sorry kxx

CalypsoLilt Thu 26-Nov-15 08:56:04

They can cause pain as your uterus stretches to accommodate the baby, depending on how/where the fibroid is attached.

Definitely get a second opinion, my consultant told me that they would admit me to hospital if the pain was bad, but she expected it to only last 3-4 days with the growth spurt, and once it had stretched the pain would subside.

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