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Skin changes

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mackinnonka Mon 23-Nov-15 15:00:33

How is everyone getting on with changes to their skin while pregnant? I'm only in month two and have noticed a lot more blemishes and spots (I was quite fortunate that even in my teens with raging hormones my skin was always blemish/issue free).

They aren't like big yellow spots, but like under the skin spots - and of course I am terrible and give the odd one a good squish which of course makes it worse....

I don't understand how I can have spots and dry skin on the same areas....

I already have half of the Clarins counter stocked in my bathroom from pre-pregnancy routine...but I am going to be running through all these products fast to keep these spots at bay, never mind the concealer usage increase!

Any tips? (other than y'know 'STOP PICKING THEM!' blush)

lemon101 Mon 23-Nov-15 15:15:07

the thing that worked for me was to do less - only washed my face once a day (same with moisturising). My skin was just super reactive to any sort of chemical (even the plainest soap!).

It didn't last past the 1st trimester, but has appeared again in the last one!

teamrigby Mon 23-Nov-15 16:43:06

Sorry - I've been very lucky and gone from one a month spot prone oily skin to clear radiant skin smile

Pagetta Mon 23-Nov-15 16:54:39

omg i'm exactly the same - i'm ten weeks have had this since about 6 - dry skin OVER big under-the-skin spots. then if i fiddle they get bigger, the dry skin exacerbates it etc...
I don't know what to do - anti spot stuff dries my skin, moisterising stuff gives me more under skin spots..AGH!
I have found that as lemon said, plain soap and water, and a tiny bit of moisteriser like simple or nivea is the thing that aggravets it the LEAST.
I was actually contemplating paying a dermatologist to tell me what to use, as if i go to a beauty counter they're all in Sales, i want honest skin care advice, not a beauty sales person!
If you find anything that works do let me know!

mackinnonka Mon 23-Nov-15 18:17:08

Pagetta - you just described my face haha

Right I think I might be over scrubbing so going to tone it down a bit and see how I go, and resist the picking urge.

Teamrigby - lucky with your glow! I hope mine makes an appearance soon

Featherstep Mon 23-Nov-15 20:33:59

I had the same about 15-17 weeks, spots just erupted all over the place and the more I fiddled the more they spread. I genuinely couldn't face looking at myself in the morning before concealer.

Then somehow after 20 weeks or so it mostly cleared up, so maybe you'll be like me and it will be over soon!!

I bought La Roche Posay Effaclar AR(?) spot treatment, the tiny tube for topical issues not the all over face one. I found it really good for helping clear up those spots. It does dry the skin and cause flaking, but I'd much rather have that than pesky spots!

Katarzyna79 Tue 24-Nov-15 14:41:11

No spots but so called beauty spots or moles anyone elsw get them???With my first i got loads up my neck i looked like that lady who has um down side of face in star trek shes pretty tho not me .

midwifw said theyd go never did just go lighter afterbirth.

Now baby 5 ive noticed im getting more on face now around eyes. Otherwise my skin is brilliant.

i have sensitive skin, i wash face more than once (ablutions cant avoid) but thats plain hot water. But one morning i use soap and one day nothing but plain hot water. I have uswd face washes everything dries my skin my mwthod has meant supple skin no spots since i was a teen. Once week i wash face with hot water dry then scrub in coconut oil, then wash off gently with hot flannel.

pagettaive had red skin, odd spots in teens no cleansers worked exvept good old bar of white soap one that foams least is best. i use imperial white bar tried dove but irritated me. Clinique soap bars are great too but i felt the price was con for simple soap bar?

I do recommend clinique dramatically different moisturuser in pump (despite expense), been usung since teen its rare for me to get blemishes now. Usually when im getting to end of bottle and im putting fingers in to scrape it lol should use cotton buds really. some folks swear by same one in gel form get samples of both try it for least month, because any new product can unsettle ur skin so give it a few weeks.

If u wear make up its brilliant at making foundation go on smoothly too, useful to me once a year lol

Pagetta Tue 24-Nov-15 14:59:48

oh thanks for the tip i'll get to boots get some samples and give it a go!

anneliandbetsy Tue 24-Nov-15 16:29:53

31 weeks and spots are horrendous too. I'm sure it's pay back for having blemish free skin as a teenager. They hurt and make me look like shit even more than I already do! No blooming here! I sympathise.

Purplelilly Sun 29-Nov-15 17:53:23

I've suffered from acne since I was about 14. I have very dry skin and always have a collection of white heads, sore lumps under my skin and red patches on my face, chest and back.

My first pregnancy symptom was having clear skin on my face and back that didn't look tight or sore in places smile I'm only 8 weeks, but since getting pregnant I've only had a few face and back spots (probably from only using a facewipe instead of washing my face some nights when I've been too tired). I've still got a few all the time on my chest, but not as bad smile

I hope it stays this way, but am awaiting the dreaded return of spotty skin. enjoying it while it lasts smile

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