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Why early detection tests are giving false negatives READ THIS!

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twinklestarr Mon 23-Nov-15 09:11:20

You 'feel pregnant', you're symptom spotting like crazy, you did the deed at just the right time, you're convinced this is your month. So you excitedly go to boots and buy a test that promises to detect a pregnancy FOUR days before your period is due! You rush home, pee on the stick, and count down the seconds until you can check the result. Nothing. Not even a smidgen of a line. Crestfallen, you buy more early detection tests and test every couple of days, because you've read that your hcg levels 'should' be at a high enough level after so many days to be detected by a test. Still nothing, or you get a line so faint you have to squint to see it.

Stressful, right? Maddening in fact. But here's the thing-these so-called early detection pregnancy tests aren't picking up the right form of hcg!! Click on the link for a fuller explanation, but basically, in very early pregnancy, the body makes a form of hcg called h-hcg, not normal hcg, which tests aren't calibrated to pick up, plus, women vary widely in how much hcg or h-hcg they make, so when someone tells you that you 'should' have a high enough concentration of hcg to get a positive result, take it with a large pinch of salt! The manufacturers of these tests are taking us for a ride and causing frustration and distress, overall it's probably best to wait as long as you can bear to before you poas!

broodynmoody Mon 23-Nov-15 14:13:13

Thanks for letting us know twinkle

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