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Private obstetrician - any recent experience?

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Garfield007 Sun 22-Nov-15 22:32:56

I'm wondering if anyone has recent experience with the following obstetricians:
Tom Setchell
Tariq Miskry
Nick Wales
Mark Johnson
I'm currently pregnant having suffered a miscarriage previously under NHS care and are considering going to private for the birth. Does the obstetrician tend to do routine scan at their practice? What is the typical cost to have a private birth? Any experience/ info that you can share is most appreciated.

Garfield007 Fri 27-Nov-15 20:45:32

Anyone who could help with some recent experience? Thank you.

DowntonDiva Sat 28-Nov-15 09:02:02

Hi, I had an appointment with Mark Johnson (via C&W NHS due to autoimmune condition). From that little experience I can say if I went private he would my first port of call. Came across calm, knowledgeable, listened to my questions it was a very positive experience.

Cost wise I can't comment, I did speak with Karl Murphy's secretary in my first trimester and all in for VB it was around £18k (obstetrician fees, hospital fees, scans, etc). We decided this was too much for us.

outputgap Sat 28-Nov-15 09:17:50

I went to see a female obs at the Portland for a bit of reassurance after a couple of mc. I also used the Zita West clinic to see a midwife.

But I wouldn't give birth in the private sector and I wouldn't use private care with any complications.

I saw a different private obs with dc2 who gave me a wrong and potentially very harmful steer about my thyroid. Sort of thing a gp should know and an obstetrician really should. I have various complicating factors, which could lead to another mc, and although I have frustrations with the NHS, I feel much much safer with them.

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