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Anyone pregnant with Hypermobility/EDS or similar?

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GreenGoth89 Sun 22-Nov-15 20:44:45

I'm hoping to start trying for a baby this time next year, but I have hypermobility syndrome (amongst other things), and I've been told theres nothing to stop me having a baby but to decrease my risk of various hip/pelvic disorders both during pregnancy and after I need to increase my mobility (which I'm trying to do but its difficult when it causes me pain but I'm giving it my damn best shot to make my body baby ready). I've also been told that theres loads of stretches I should be doing everyday but I've not been told what they are? Theres no pre-conception counselling in my area so I can't go to a OBS person and ask all these questions so I'm just wondering if anyone has been told anything regarding how to prep a body with HMS/EDS or similar?

cremedecacao Mon 23-Nov-15 00:47:13

Me! I have hypermobile joints and stretchy skin etc. I struggled a few years ago with knees, ankles, hips but physio and good orthotics have really helped. I have been really lucky this pregnancy, 'just' a subluxation of spine that didn't pop back in for most of a day (ow) and a popped out shoulder that went back in. A little clumsier than normal but not as bad as expected. Am going to pregnancy yoga which is helping me with strength and balance.

Are you receiving physio atm? You would benefit from it. Also, my yoga teacher is a qualified physio meaning that she can recognise when I am out of alignment or hyper-extending. I started yoga about a year prior to ttc and she has really helped me to strengthen up and have more control. It could be worth looking for a physio-yoga class near you?

Don't be afraid of getting pregnant, you may cope better than you think you can! Being aware of your body and its needs is half the battle. Good luck!

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